Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! Getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend is always a  struggle for me, but we made it. Hello, weekend!  

We have some fun things planned this weekend including a trip the aquarium and heading into the city for the NY auto show. Eric has been going to the auto show since he was little and now it's become a fun little tradition of ours to take the boys. 

I'll also be enjoying some sister time and hopefully getting some shopping in for a dress I need for a wedding. There are so many dresses I like online but I feel like with my body style I really need to try some on. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Easter: in case you missed it I shared more about our Easter {here} and all the fun we had. A is just something else and woke up the day after asking if it was now time for Christmas. He even had his Christmas list set and now when he sees something he wants he keeps saying I'll take that for Christmas. His list is already getting out of control.

2. Cherry Blossoms: I also shared how we went to a local park to see the Cherry Blossoms and have a little picnic. They are just too pretty not to share again. I wish they hung around a little longer and didn't only bloom for a few weeks.

3. Park fun: our weather was very up and down this week but we were able to get in some park time which always makes the boys so happy. Little nugget just loves being in the swing and will giggle and laugh when you pretend you are getting his feet. A was off running around and jumping over things, I think he might have even been trying to catch a bird (ambitious that one is), so there was no way a picture was happening with him. 

4. Sunflowers: my mom put together a little Easter bag for me with some garden tools, gloves, plant markers, and some seeds. The boys and I had fun planting the sunflowers even if little nugget kept digging them up. I won't be surprised if a random sunflower just pops up on the lawn or if none of them grow at all. Every time we put a seed in and covered it back up, he would come around and dig in the same spot flinging the dirt everywhere. God only knows where those poor seeds ended up. The package wording on the seeds cracks me up...cheerful, mid-sized plants. If need be, would it actually say short, dreadful or unhappy plants?

5. Vacation: I'm getting really excited for our vacation and I know my last few days of work next week are going to drag on. I've already started packing, unpacking, and trying to figure out what I want to bring. I always over pack for myself but then feel like I don't have enough or wish I would have brought something else. I'm also getting the boys involved with their packing this time and talking with them more about going away. A is so excited and is already asking us what other country we're going to visit once we get back. He's so my son. I would be on a permanent vaca if I could. 

Right now I am loving Old Navy's Sandals for the boys and their fun summer wear. I've been buying their sandals ever since A was a baby. If you haven't noticed Old Navy has been my go to for a lot of things. We're also Gap cardholders so taking advantage of free shipping and not having to trek into a store is a big plus for me. Here are some finds I'm currently loving for them.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! As always I'm linking with some of my favorites throughout the week, check them out and join in on the fun! 

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