Here Comes Peter Cottontail

I'll take all the soft cuddly amazing bunny love, please! This is becoming one of my all time spring favorites to do with my nuggets. I love seeing their excitement and all the smiles with this fluffy love, and of course joining in on the fun too. 

Last year we decided to skip the mall lines and creepy oversized rabbit costumes (no offense to anyone who loves them) and introduced them to the real Peter Rabbit. In this case, it happens to be Lily the rabbit who is just the cutest and softest fluffy thing from our friends who own a small farm. Have you seen how much she grew in the last year? And my little nuggets too?! Oh time, please slow down, even if it's just for a little. 

I had so much fun getting ideas for the setup and trying to think of little ways to make it different than last year. I loved how everything came together last year so I didn't want to make it completely different but didn't want it to be the exact same either. I'm happy with how it all turned out and I'll also be able to use some of the props for our Easter egg hunt. 

We kept it a secret again and didn't tell the boys until I picked them up from school. Of course at that point I got asked every two minutes if we were home yet. What was a I thinking? Mom fail. You always wait until you're actually in the driveway. I may have been just a little excited myself and couldn't hold it in any longer. 

I love how excited they were and so happy to be around the rabbit. They were both so gentle with her and the other animals. Little nugget got really attached to her and was so upset when we had to put her away. At that point he didn't really want much to do with the ducks or chickens and just kept getting up and saying bunny rabbit come out, bunny rabbit outside! A was handling everything so well, and I know he felt like a big boy being able to calm the chickens down and have them sit with him.

Of course Eric and I had to jump in there for some family photos and once I got my hands on Lily it was so hard to give her back! I realized that I need a rabbit in my life.

 All little nugget wanted to do was hold the bunny rabbit 
 He was not happy when we had to put her away and bring out the ducks
Now every morning when little nugget wakes up, the first thing he says when we go to get him out of his crib is, outside for bunny rabbit. Poor little guy keeps looking for her in the backyard. I just keep telling him hippity hoppin, Easter's on its way and that the rabbit had to go bye bye. He looks at me like I'm nuts and then asks again for the rabbit.

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