My Casual Weekend Go-To Look

During the week I'm always getting dressed up for work. When it comes to the weekends if I don't have anything specific going on that I really need to look nice for, or a date night happening (I think I need more of them in my life), then I will gravitate towards a casual jeans and tee look. 

These jeans have been on major repeat for me because I am loving all things distressed right now. Anyone else loving that look too? I came across this tee (currently sold out online but I got it in store so you might still be able to find it) over the weekend and knowing we were headed into the city the next day—there was no way it wasn't coming home with me. I also picked up these sunglasses. I guess I don't really need another pair but they were just too much fun to pass up, and for $12 there was no way I was saying no.

If you've been visiting this little space of mine, then you know that street art is one of my weaknesses. I just love all the bright colors and admiring the talent that goes into it. We were walking around the city when I came across this wall and pretty much told my family...hold up, mama's putting on a pair of heels and we are taking some pics. There is no shame in my picture taking game. Yes I make my family stop for street art. And yes, I carry around a pair of heels with me #justbeinghonest #reallifetalk

In my defense, I wore these heels when we went out for brunch but there was no way I was schlepping around the city streets with them on. If I know I'll be doing a lot of walking I will carry around more than one pair of shoes with me from time to time.

Well wouldn't you know we rounded the corner and the perfect photo was just set up for me with the New Yorker building in the background. We were headed down that street to the Hell's Kitchen Flea Market anyway which happened to be blocked off. I couldn't have been more perfect for a pic because no cars were coming through. You might guess what happened next...the heels went back on. 

I could have just kept my converse sneakers on which is another look that I love, but there is just something about gaining that extra height (short people problems), and I just love a good jeans and heels look in general.


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