Off The Shoulder Top, Brunch Hat & Taking Pics On The Street

We finally got some great weather this weekend and I was loving every minute of it. I really hope it sticks around because warmer weather is a beautiful thing and puts me in such a better mood. 

If you caught my post yesterday you might have read that I was in NYC for my friends bachelorette party. To finish off our weekend getaway we headed to brunch where apparently wearing a brunch hat is a thing. I kind of love the idea but unfortunately missed the memo until my girl came through with an extra floppy hat that happened to go perfectly with my outfit.

My other friend loves being behind the camera and wanted to snap some pics of me (someone who likes taking pics? I need her around always!), so we stepped outside to get a few. I love being in NYC and know a lot of fashion bloggers are in the big city, but it's so hard to get pics without distractions. 

As you can see there are people walking, cars turning, and just so much going on. You can't exactly tell people not to cross the busy streets because you are taking a pic. What was interesting is that no one seemed to be phased by people taking pics on the street. I guess because it probably happens there all the time. 

I wanted to share these because not everything can be absolutely perfect, and you know real life just happens sometimes. A lot of you commented on my instagram and mentioned you liked my top so I wanted to share some similar finds here. I've gotten caught up before with wanting that "perfect" shot but this is kind of more fun and tells the real story.

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