Remembering The Little Things

I have been meaning to join this link up but somehow kept getting my days mixed up. I'm so glad Jennifer from Jenuine Happiness put out a little reminder and I'll be linking up with her today. 

Life goes by so fast and there are so many little things and moments I wish I could keep bottled up forever. I started journals for the boys with this concept in mind but time is such a tricky thing and honestly I have written anything in them in a while. I should get on that. I love the idea of documenting some moments here. 

I want to remember the excitement the nuggets have about being outside, even if it involves finding worms and being covered in dirt.all.the.time. 

I want to remember the excitement little nugget has for base-ky balls, and really any type of ball for that matter. I will be surprised if he doesn't grow up and want to play some sort of contact sport. 

I want to remember A's love for animals and how he keeps asking us for a cow. I feel bad breaking it to him that a cow is not going to happen. 

I want to remember Eric's homemade pizza Friday nights and how I don't have to worry about dinner and how the boys love to help throw the dough up in the air. 

I want to remember our crazy mornings before we get out of the house. I know that might sound kind of odd, but we are just not a morning family which usually results in us rushing around. But, before that happens, we all snuggle together until the last possible minute that we have to wake up and I love how the nuggets come into our bed for a few minutes. 

I want to remember how little nugget takes his shoes off every time we are in the car. He's still rear facing and he loves taking his little piggy toes out and rubbing them up against the seat, even if it is annoying for me to put everything back on. 

I want to remember how A woke up the day after Easter and thought it was now time for Christmas. He even had his Christmas list mentally prepared.  

I want to remember how A picks dandelions every day during his playground time and puts them in his pocket for me. He tells me he smells them throughout the day because they smell like my heart. Can he seriously stay this sweet forever! 

I want to remember how both of them love dancing to music and our family dance parties are one of my favorite things. Even our dog joins in. I also love how A will just break into song and it's usually worship music that we listen to on K-Love.

I want to remember how my Mom comes over and plays with the boys and how excited she makes them for tubby time. She is still singing that same corny song she made up when we were little and it gets stuck in my head every time. Tubby time, tubby time...never need a reason, never need a rhyme (to the tune of step in time from Mary Poppins). 

I want to remember how little nugget still doesn't have a full blown vocabulary yet but he sure does tell us when he needs to go pee pee potty. He's basically been potty training himself and wants to be just like A. He's even going during the day at school, both one and two. I'm sure we are still a long way from being pull up free but he started so much earlier than I ever thought. He's only 20 months! 

I want to remember the tantrums and how they can go from zero to 100 in two seconds. That probably sounds really odd too. My thinking is when they're older and we need to have conversations with them about peer pressure and some really difficult subjects, I want to look back and remember how even though parenting can feel really hard now that battling a tantrum over wanting to bring a worm in for show and tell really wasn't the worst thing we went through as parents. 

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