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Happy Friday, friends! Boy am I glad to see the weekend. For some reason whenever I know a long weekend is on its way the week leading up to it really drags on. It's just not fair. But we're here, and I am looking forward to unofficially kicking off the summer. 

A lot of my favorites are from over the weekend because I didn't get a chance to share any of them, unless you follow me on instagram (@beautifully_candid) if not, I would love to be friends. 

We're headed to the shore this weekend and even though our weather isn't looking promising we are still going to make the best of it. I mentioned in my packing for a weekend getaway post that I am no longer going to pack for the forecast but pack for what I need. We all know the weather likes to play tricks on us. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Wedding: my beautiful friend got married last weekend and I had the privileged of being a reader during her ceremony. I chose to read A Year With C.S. Lewis. It went very well and her ceremony was so pretty. It was also really funny because when a few of us were getting ready for the wedding we realized we all went with dresses that were blush toned. It wasn't done on purpose and was too funny that we all end up coordinating. What can I say, great minds think alike and blush is just too hot right now.

2. Party fun: aside from the wedding we had two parties over the weekend. My good friend's twin girls turned a year and we stopped by there for a little while before the wedding. A loved getting his face painted and both nuggets enjoyed bouncing around in the bounce house. Well that might be a lie. A enjoyed it more than little nugget who basically clung onto the side for dear life and started crying. Eric had to reach up in there and pull him out. Good times.

The next day my Dad had a little party for my great aunt who was turning 90. No bounce houses were in attendance at this shindig. You would never tell this sweet little woman is 90. I love that she still has a sense of humor and knows how to have a good time.

3. Garden: we have been working on our little garden and hoping that something, anything, will grow. We transferred a few things we started from seed into the ground but it has been pouring here all week and I'm afraid everything got flooded out. The nuggets also dumped some seeds directly into the ground and God only knows if any of them will actually grow.

4. Haircuts: random fact, the nuggets have never had a professional haircut. Eric has always cut their hair, and I have to say he does a pretty good job. Their hair grows so fast that I just can't see running them to the salon every few weeks. Both of my boys came out with a full head of hair so bald babies with slow growing hair just didn't exist over here. 

A has been fine with getting his haircut from day one. But little nugget, well our neighbors probably thought we were torturing the kid. We even have A go first to show him it's ok, and then have him hold the clippers so he can see what it's like. Nope, nothing helps. It never fails he screams and cries.

5. Fire column: if you remember a few weeks back I shared how we got some new patio furniture and were in the process of creating a little outdoor space. Well, we came across this fire column that seemed perfect for out there. We were randomly in Target one night (don't we all randomly wander into Target) and in the midst of a cart full off kids snacks, dog food, random findings from the dollar spot, and a beach hat for myself (mama has to treat herself too), off in the distance we saw this little number setup in the outdoor department. Eric and I plopped on the patio set they had displayed around the fire column (fire pit thing, same difference) and thought this would be perfect in our backyard. 

After they checked in the back, several times I might add, of course they no longer had any available. By this time we already grew pretty attached to this thing after making ourselves at home on the floor display for the past 20 minutes. I should probably add that we were kid free too because my Mom was watching the nuggets. Crazy date night at Target. We decided to see if they would let us buy the floor model. The floor model was already marked down and because there were a few imperfections (you could barely tell), they gave us even more off. Once again Target comes through and now we have this beauty to sit outside and admire.
I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend! While most of us will be at bbqs or down the shore, I can't help but to stop and think about those who have lost someone who was serving for our country. More importantly someone who was helping to protect me and my family. So while we might be smiling and enjoying our long weekend, try to thank someone for their service and hug those who are hurting. The more kindness we share the more this world will slowly begin to be a better place.

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