Lace Shorts With Cold Shoulder Top and Exploring Willemstad

I know I've shared a lot about our most recent trip to Curacao and it might have even been on the verge of overkill, but regardless, I'm sad this will be my last post from our trip. 

As much as we loved being on the beach and in that beautiful blue water, we also enjoyed our time exploring the capital of Willemstad. Our resort had a shuttle that brought you into town so it was really convenient for us to get there.

When we pulled up there were so many colorful buildings that I of course got really excited about. If you've been reading this little space of mine than you know my love for street art and colorful walls is a thing for me. I might have even passed the excitement down to the nuggets because they kept running to different walls shouting out the colors and asking us to take a pic of them. My nuggets asking for a pic?! Oh there was no way I was turning that down.

We walked around and explored as much as we could while taking in all the different sights. We stopped by local markets and vendors to see all the different things they had. A tradition that Eric and I started ever since we began traveling together is to pick up a Christmas ornament from every trip we go on.

In one of the local markets there was a woman selling fresh squeezed orange juice. She saw us walking around with the boys and gave them both little cups to try out. They loved it so much and little nugget kept calling it, so good juicy mango. It wasn't mango, but it tasted so fresh and so different from our orange juice here that I could see his confusion. Every time we made our way around her stand she offered the boys more to drink. She was just the sweetest and you could see how happy she was that the boys enjoyed it.

After some more exploring, we stopped off at a smoothie place to look for some more juicy goodness. The nuggets thought they were so big sitting at the counter ordering what they would like and picking out their fruits to be blended up. Unfortunately it quickly went downhill when a tantrum broke out because one thought the other got more than him #toddlerproblems

We kept it moving and eventually something caught their attention and they forgot what they were even upset about. When I spotted a bright yellow wall I knew it was the perfect spot to snap a few pics. I've had these lace shorts for two summers now and surprisingly even though they are white, they are still perfect to wear in the summer and have held up really well. I really need to find them again and in different colors because no matter where I go someone is always asking me about them.

As much as I think the off the shoulder trend is fun, I'm just going to be honest here, they are not the easiest things to wear—especially around kids. I don't know about you but I need to be able to move my arms around and not feel constricted. A great compromise for me has been the cold shoulder top. I can move freely and still have that fun trendy look. I picked up this top in navy and know I'll be wearing it a lot over the summer.

We loved exploring as much as we could during our time in Curacao. It was such a fun island and nice place to getaway with my little family. I'm already looking forward to our next adventures.

Shorts-old (similar here and here) | Top-(here) | Sandals-(old similar here) | Sunnies-(here)

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