Off The Shoulder Pom Pom Dress And How Vacation Gets Me Thinking

Off the shoulder dress
 (you know me and my windy hair issues...looks like they travel with me too ;)
Vacationing is such a beautiful thing and so good for the soul. Coming back always leaves me feeling like there has to be another way of life out there. One that is more enjoyable. Maybe enjoyable isn't the right word to use, but that's what came to mind. Now don't get me wrong, I think we have a very enjoyable and blessed life, and one full of love and a lot of great moments that far outweigh some of the bad. I hope that doesn't come off the wrong way or sound like I am bragging, but it's true. And I am so very thankful for the life we have together. 

I guess what I'm trying to get at is thinking about more of a simpler way of life, maybe. A life where I don't feel like I'm living for the weekends. 

I love that on almost every vacation Eric and I have a moment to just sit and be. No social media, no blogging, no thoughts about work, nothing. Ok, maybe not nothing. We do think about our dog and always say how we miss him and wonder what he's doing at that moment—but that's usually the only thing we're thinking about from back home. 

We have deep conversations and let our minds start to wander and imagine things. Things like what it would be like to live on an island taking in the beautiful sunshine everyday and the feeling of being carefree. Then we imagine what we would do to make a living on this new land we've settled on. Maybe we would sell off all our things, because most of what we have in reality we probably don't need. Maybe we would buy a boat and take tourists out on fishing excursions. We both do enjoy fishing and being out on the water.  

We usually always come home and jump online to look and see what property is going for in that area and revisit our dream on vacation for another minute. Then reality quickly comes a knocking and it's back to settling into our daily routines.

It's so nice to dream. It's nice to get lost in a fantasy and allow yourself to see you and your family differently. We do have dreams that we are working on achieving here, but I hate that I don't dream enough. That it takes being removed from everything to let my mind wander. 

I want to be able to have more moments like this and not just when we're away. I want to do a better job at turning off some of the outside world and being present in the moment. I want to take note and admire the beauty around me, even if it's not on a beach or a tropical island (although that would be ideal). I always say that Eric and I love acting like kids but that's exactly what we're doing, acting (or maybe we're just immature at certain times). We aren't exactly spring chickens anymore, but what I really want is to allow us to feel like kids again. To let our imaginations run wild like our sweet little boys do when they take in ever aspect of life to the fullest. 

Sitting on that dock with both of them over looking the water and catching the sunset was such a special moment for me. There were a few ships off in the distance and A started talking about how they were pirate ships. Then little nugget chimed in and said, yeah pirates! We conjured up this whole story that had buried treasure involved, captain hook, and of course Jake from the Never Land Pirates was on board. I want, and I'm looking forward to more moments like this. I think it's just about allowing yourself to get to that place no matter where you are. And of course being around a few more pretty sunsets like this wouldn't be bad either.

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