Scalloped Swimsuit, Kimono Cover Up, and Kleine Knip Beach Adventures

Yesterday I shared about some of our adventures at the resort, still more to come, but today I'll be sharing about our adventures to Kleine Knip Beach. 

And boy was it an adventure. Well, mainly getting there. 

As much as we loved our resort getting out and exploring an island is always fun to do on vacation. For the last few days we rented a car and would pack it up in the morning with snacks and drinks from the resort, our beach blankets, sand toys (those are a must), and a change of clothes. We would head out for the day and then come back to the resort around sunset to get ready for dinner and the rest of the night. 

Our plan was to head west and spend the day at Kleine Knip. The pictures of this beach just looked amazing and we knew it was something we needed to check out. 

We loaded into our little toy in other countries seem so small. I forget exactly what it was, a Toyota of some sort, maybe. Regardless, this thing got us from point A to point B safely which is all that mattered. I sat in the back with the boys because island life is just different and there are no car seats to be found. 

Eric has always been really good with directions, and we've driven in several different countries before, but Curacao for some reason was not the easiest to get around. The street signs basically didn't exist, the maps had no street names on them so it didn't matter if you knew them or not, and everything seemed to go in a circle. 

After driving around for what felt like forever, it was probably more like 20 mins, but still—we finally thought we were going in the right direction. The nuggets at this point dozed off, but remember I was in the back with them, so guess who was their pillow? Any other time I would have loved both of them sleeping on me, but I was already uneasy about the car seat situation and the roads weren't exactly the smoothest things to drive on. 

We went up a few windy one lane roads that were lined with cactuses and at times felt like we were going up and down on Six Flags Rolling Thunder. At this point my left butt cheek (tmi, but we can all be mature about it) fell asleep and all I wanted to do was shift myself. I couldn't though. How could I disturb two sleeping little angels? I had everyone strapped in back there and could barely move in general. If I moved one way, one would wake up. And if I moved the other way, the other one would wake up. So I sat there, uncomfortable at best. 

Then, we came across this small little rectangular sign that pointed to la playa so we decided to turn down it. The road leading to this unknown area seemed even more bizarre than some of the streets we were traveling on. Once we got to the end of it and realized we finally made it, we saw some of the prettiest blue water, ever.

The parking area to Kleine Knip sits higher so you have to walk down to get to the beach which almost makes it like a look out point. It was a Monday and the beach was filled with both tourists and locals. People were barbecuing, listening to music, it was like one big party. It was awesome! When we were leaving there was even a school bus dropping kids off. Could you imagine? So where's your bus stop, oh you know just at the cool is that?!

What we loved about this beach was the coves and character it had. People were jumping off of the rocks—of course Eric had to do that too. We got some good video of him plunging into the water.

I built sand castles with the boys and then little nugget would step on them and knock them over. A wasn't always too happy about that but after awhile little nugget started making this squeaking noise every time he knocked one over. We started joking around saying, uh oh, it looks like the little squirrel's coming out, and they would both laugh and end up saying do it again, do it again.

I thought I would try and go be cute and splash around in the water over by the coves. Instead it was more like getting knocked by a wave and almost taken out. Eric dared me to go lay under the rocks but a lot of them were covered with crabs and there was no way I was going in there to get pinched. So I told him to go do it, and he did it. He made it out just fine and started teasing me that those crabs were more scared of me.

I wore my scalloped swimsuit (only $19!) twice on our trip and both times I got a lot of compliments on it. I absolutely love the bottoms of these. The only thing I wish was that they sold the bottom and top separate. I have never been the same size on the top and bottom. I'm wearing a size medium and while the bottom fit fine the top was a little big. I just don't have much to work with up there. 

I still made it work though and it's not like my top went flying off or anything, but having it be a little tighter would have made this swimsuit perfect. I've had this floral kimono for a few years now and decided this year I wanted to wear it as a cover up. It worked out great and I loved the pop of color from the flowers and the fringe detail at the bottom. Our trip has me looking forward to even more beach days this summer but I'll sure be missing the color of this water.

Swimsuit-c/o Zaful (here, also love here and here) | Beach roundie-similar (here) | Kimono-old similar (here and here) | Sunnies-(here and here)

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