Father's Day

I've said it before but to me, one of the most attractive things about a man is seeing him turn into an amazing father. I could go on and on about how amazing Eric is, because seriously this guy takes the cake, but I'm sure a lot of us feel that way about our significant others which is what makes them so perfect for each of us. 

I am continually grateful for being blessed beyond measure with a man that is a true example of a hands-on father. I am not trying to downplay anyone because everyone's relationships and roles they assume are different, but I've heard stories about husbands who have never even changed a diaper before and I am just shocked by that. From day one, Eric has always been a dad who had a special bond with my boys. I love seeing them have so many special moments together and how they look up to him and want to learn everything from him. He is such a role model and I can only pray that my boys pick up so many of his amazing qualities. 

I cannot thank him enough for those moments of cleaning up the kids when one gets sick because I'm the one with the weak stomach and would end up getting sick myself. For allowing me to have me time and encouraging me to take time for myself. For caring for the boys and having everything run like clockwork when I travel. For going along with my crazy antics and taking a gazillion pics of the boys and I when I'm pretty sure he would much rather be doing something else. For knowing where the band aids are when the boys get hurt and for giving them the best hugs and love to make them feel all better. Oh yeah, I said I wasn't going to go on and on, but I guess I couldn't help myself. Ha! Well this really could go on and on so let's enjoy some throwback pics and wrap this up. 

For now, I am just really thankful. So thankful that I don't feel like I'm off an island on this parenting journey. For knowing that I am supported and that we are a great team, even in the midst of those days when it's all chaos. And believe me, there are a lot of days like that. A lot of people say there is no one like mom, and I do believe that (because hello :) but, I really think when you're an amazing dad there is also no one like dad. 

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