Floral Romper and Flying Kites

I have to admit, over the course of the summer there will be a lot of posts about our beach adventures floating around over here. We are just a beach loving family and with the harsh northeastern winters that take place, there's a small window to really enjoy it. Taking full advantage of beach time is a must for us.  

If you caught my instagram (@beautifully_candid) over the weekend you might have seen we had some fun flying kites. Well it started out and ended as fun, but the in between was a bit rough. Here's the thing, as a mom of two toddler boys I try to get most things matching to avoid arguments before they start. That's exactly what I did with the kites and it was all going well at first. That is until one of them let go of the string and off that kite went over the sea dancing in the wind until we couldn't see it anymore. 

Cue the tears. What are two little toddler brothers to do with only one kite? I have to say a proud mama moment took place because A let little nugget help him fly the kite with him. Wait a minute, they were sharing?! This rarely happens. Like no joke, we are constantly telling them they should share and trying to teach them about feelings and helping one another. Could they have possibly been listening in between all of that selective hearing that goes on? 

It was a really sweet moment and even though little nugget was pulling at the string and didn't really get the whole concept, A tried to teach him and help him through it. It all worked out because after about 10 minutes of little nugget helping he decided it was more fun to lay in the sand and taste it. Hey, it's not a trip to the beach until some eats sand, right? 

We're usually running around on the beach in our swimsuits and spending the day soaking up the sun, but this time we decided to go later in the day when there were less people on the beach to attempt our kite flying. I wore my floral print romper that I picked up at a boutique on our California vacation last year. It's a great piece to be able to run around in and chase after the boys and the floral print has a fun summer feel to it. I also brought my denim jacket along with me because right now there is very little humidity and when the sun starts to go down it still gets a little chilly.  My love hate with rompers will always be the dilemma with going to the bathroom, but it's not enough to keep me away from wearing them. 


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