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Happy Friday, friends! I hope the week treated you well and everyone had a great one. If you caught my insta stories (@beautifully_candid) you might have seen that Eric and I are on a little European getaway. It's always nice to have that special time as a couple but I can't wait to get some big hugs and kisses from my nuggets when we get home. 

Since I was traveling part of the week I am not going to do my typical favorites post but instead share five trips we've taken with the kids. When I did my five favorite vacations post a lot of you seemed to enjoy it so I thought it would be fun to share more. Seriously though, all of our trips end up being my favorite so it's hard to really put them in any type of order. Let's just get started, shall we...

1. Newport, RI: this was our second trip with A when he was a baby but our first road trip we took with him. We wanted to do something special for our 4 year anniversary and both of us have always wanted to check out Newport. It's only about a 3 and half hour drive from us which isn't bad at all, but the traffic was the tough part. Who am I kidding, it was horrendous. Once we hit Connecticut it felt like a dead halt. I'm talking we had to put a towel over the window and I had to hover over A in his carseat with a boob out so he would stop crying (tmi? Sorry). When we go again we will definitely leave at more of an off hour like we do now with any type of road trip. Lesson learned. 

Once we finally got there it was just as nice as I imagined. There were great restaurants, pretty beaches and the tallest lifeguard stands I have ever seen! We stayed at an adorable B&B that was perfect because it was pet friendly so Coaty got to come along with us!

2. Dominican: this was our first trip we took with both nuggets that involved flying. I have to say, it worked out pretty well and wasn't the disaster I was planning for. This was our third time visiting the Dominican, mainly because it's so affordable, has some amazing beaches, and it's also where we got engaged which will always have a special place in our hearts. You can read all about our adventures {here} and our fun dance party in the rain.
3. Disney: there's no way this couldn't be on the list because, I mean hello, it's Disney! I had so much fun not only planning this trip but feeling like a kid again when we were there. We did not try to conquer the world on this trip but instead focused on accomplishing the important highlights to us. A lot of people I talk to say that Disney is not a vacation because you need a vacation from your vacation. Now don't get us wrong, we love exploring which I think is pretty apparent from our everyday lives, but if I'm spending money to go away you better believe we are having a good time but trying our best to not burn everyone out. 

The happiness on the boys faces and getting to spend sometime with my brother out there was the best part! You can read all about our trip {here} and how we surprised the boys when we told them we were going. 
4. Greenville, SC: this was our first road trip with both of the nuggets and the longest road trip we've done with kids. I am happy to say no boob crisis took place this drive. Now that I'm thinking of it, I might have to do another follow up post because one of my all time favorite road trips was to Quebec where Coaty came along with us for that one too. Anyway, Greenville. We went out there to visit our friends and just loved everything about this town. It's very up and coming with great restaurants and fun little shops. Everything around there feels newer and very fresh. We also got to see some beautiful scenery when we ventured out a bit to go on a hike with the boys. Back to the road trip idea, since we drove through the night both there and back, both of the boys slept which worked out perfect. I have a feeling if we were to attempt this again it would probably be a much different car experience hearing them ask every 5 mins if we were there yet. Regardless of what time we leave. 
5. Aruba: this trip ended up being a bit of a backup trip but it was amazing none of the less. The long and short is, Eric and I had a trip planned to Hawaii for our 5 year anniversary and booked it before I was even pregnant with little nugget. Wellll...after we found out we were pregnant my Dr. didn't think it was the best idea to be so far away when I would have been around 6 plus months. I was kind of sad my dreams of a Hawaiian vacation were put on hold, but it was for a great reason. We decided to switch everything around, and instead we went away sooner and some where that we could lay on the beach and not feel like we were missing out on exploring. We went to Aruba for our honeymoon so it was the perfect place to celebrate our anniversary. You can read more about our trip {here}. I'm hopefully that for our 10 year anniversary I'll get that Hawaii trip :) 
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Looking forward to catching up with everyone next week.

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