Strawberry and Cherry Picking Adventures

And just like that the weekend came and went. We always have the best time on the weekends and have some sort of adventure we get into. One of the highlights from our weekend was going strawberry picking. It's been a tradition we've been doing ever since I was little and now we get to share it with the nuggets.

Unfortunately we won't be seeing my Dad next weekend, so we decided to celebrate father's day a little early with him and continue our tradition of going out to the fields and getting our berry picking on. 

We almost missed our window to go this year because several places we called were already done with their picking. I guess with all the rain and the weather being different this year, the season started a little earlier. Regardless, we found a place and had a great time. 

It was also opening day for their cherry picking, and can I just tell you, there were cars from all over the place that made the drive and came out to go picking. I don't know if I've just been off the cherry boat, but it was crazy how many people were there. We saw people who brought their own ladders with them to get up in the trees, it was no joke. 

This was actually our first time picking cherries and now we might need to add this to our tradition. I guess because so many people come out to pick, they had a 5 pound picking minimum per person and we ended up with over 10lbs. I'm not sure I know enough things to make with all of these—I could use your help. I would love to hear your favorite cherry recipes and ideas for what we could make.  

After we picked our cherries we headed over to the strawberry fields for some more fun. It was so hot yesterday and probably the hottest it has been yet. Go figure. We were all a sweaty mess by the end of it and I was getting nervous we wouldn't have enough water or sunscreen to keep up with the boys, but it all worked out like it always does. When we got over to the strawberries, I think the nuggets really enjoyed that they were down on their level and could easily reach in and pick them up. 

Let's just say those little cartons they were using (or putting on their head because that was more fun) were not filled at all and they might have eaten more than we brought home. What fun is berry picking if you don't try a few, right? Eric even joked when we were checking out, when A told the cashier he had a belly ache from eating too many, he asked if they had a miscellaneous button to charge for little kids who ate too much. 

We decided to finish our night off with strawberry smoothies and the nuggets are already looking forward to some strawberry pancakes. Now we just have to wait for blueberry season to have some more picking fun. 

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