When Life Gives You Lemons, Wear them, and Drink Lemonade

I don't know about you but I think there is something really fun about clothes that have fruit on them. I've always loved the fun prints and seeing others wear them, so when the opportunity came about for me to get this lemon dress, I knew it was the perfect print for me to wear this summer. 

We're down the shore a lot over the summer, and with the boardwalk not far away, there are a lot of yummy treats to enjoy. When A saw my dress, he said mommy, this is silly, you don't wear lemons—you eat them. I just had to laugh because he is right, we don't actually wear lemons, but lemon print is different. I told him that when I wore this dress we could go get some lemonade from the boardwalk to all enjoy. 

Everything at the shore seems to be bigger portions, so when we saw the size of the cup for the lemonade there was no way everyone was getting their own. One to share was just fine. Or so I thought. Sharing one glass with two little ones, what was a I thinking? #momfail

We almost knocked this thing over nine times, the wind was blowing like crazy so by the end my hair was sticky and lemon scented, the boys probably back washed in this thing more times than I want to think about, and at the end, they thought it would be more fun to dip their little fingers in there and pull out the lemon slices instead.

Aside from our lemonade fail, this dress (currently on sale for $13!) is light and airy and great for the summer. The ruffles at the bottom add a fun famine touch and this can easily be worn with sandals (or bare feet like me) or with a cute pair of wedges. It runs a little bigger than I expected (I'm wearing a small), so if you're on the fence I would size down. I do like that it is flowy and allows plenty of room for those oversized boardwalk treats. 

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This post is sponsored by Zaful, but as always all opinions remain my own. Thank you for your continued support and reading Beautifully Candid.

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