Being Basic-Tee In PinkBlush

Over the weekend we took the nuggets to a local farm which always ends up being a great time for all of us (ah farm life). I have a confession to make, you know that garden we were all excited about and planted back in the spring? Well, we had it all fenced off and thought we were in the clear, that is until we saw him—that pesky groundhog (or the really big beaver as A likes to call him). He weaseled his way in there and ate almost everything. Everything. The damage is already done but we caught him in the act and saw where he was getting in, so we've since double reinforced things.

This farm also has a large greenhouse section, and knowing our disaster of a garden we decided to cheat here a bit. We gave in and bought some already established veggie plants that we transplanted and are hoping on a prayer that maybe we will get a few peppers this season. The boys ended up wanting to collect rocks (what is it with boys and rocks) while we were in there, then I almost got tackled, and then little nugget popped his lens out of his sunglasses. He takes his sunglasses very seriously, just like his mama. When I fixed them for him—I got a big high five, you're the best, mom to the rescue smile.

I also tried to sneak in some smooches with A but I might have embarrassed him a little. He is really affectionate at home but he went and wiped my kisses off here. What's that all about? Little does he know there will be many more kisses where ever we go :) 

Of course we had to stop by and feed the animals. What's a visit to the farm without seeing them? Which ended up turning into us treating the boys to a pony ride. I love how fearless they are and will think nothing of it to try and pet them or get right up on a horse and trot away. I even offered to walk next to the horse with little nugget but he told me, "No mama, I do it". Well excuse me cowboy. 

Hands down, nothing beats a simple tee, distressed jeans, and a pair of sneakers for me as a weekend look. Now don't get me wrong, I love getting dressed up and actually don't mind attempting to do my hair and makeup—but when I don't have to put much effort into something, you will find me in a relaxed look.

I have been loving my basic tee from PinkBlush. Not only is it super comfortable but I like the length because it let's me play around with wearing it a few different ways. I can wear it regular, tucked in, or my favorite has been knotting it at the bottom. That's not always easy to do when your shirt is on the shorter side so this one is perfect for that. The solid navy color (but also comes in three other colors) makes it's so simple to wear with different bottoms and even a skirt for a causal look to the office. Sometimes being basic isn't so bad, especially if you can wear the best versions of you.

Top-c/o (here) | Jeans - (here) | Sneakers - (here) | Sunnies - sold out similar (here)

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