Friday Favorites-Last In July

Happy Friday friends! How are we at the last Friday in July?! Can summer just stay around forever. We've been having so much fun that I am eating up every moment of it while my nuggets are still little and want to hang out with us.

I'm so excited for this weekend because I'm in Chicago with my sister visiting our brother. We both came out here last year and had such a great time that we decided to do a reunion trip. I'm sure I'll be sharing some highlights on my instagram (@beautifully_candid) if you want to check it out.

Here are some of my favorites from this week...

1. Baseball: it's funny how before I had kids I used to say that we would wait and wouldn't be one of those families that spent money on things that they wouldn't remember. Umm, eating my words, hard. I just can't help it, we have too much fun with them and as much as it's an experience for them it's also an experience for us. That's something I'm just not willing to wait years and years for. So, ha! Here we are, one of those families.

We took the nuggets to their first baseball game and loved that a few of our close friends were able to come with us and share in the fun too. The boys loved all of the sweet treats that came along with it and are still sleeping with their new stuffy friends that our friends surprised them with. It was also too funny because little nugget kept yelling at the players to hit the ball up the sky, and to strike him out! I think the nuggets brought along a little bit of good luck to this game because the Phillies are the worst in the league right now, but wouldn't you know, they won this game :)

2. Jurassic Park: over the holiday season our friends saw the Philadelphia Orchestra play to Home Alone and said it was such a great experience. The orchestra was doing the same thing but this time it was to Jurassic Park. Our friends were right, it was such a cool experience and something I would definitely checkout again. They play the whole movie and then the orchestra plays all of the music to it.
3. Blueberry picking: we continued our tradition of blueberry picking and like everything we do, it always ends up being some sort of an adventure. Factor in two toddlers and temps that were way too hot, and well, you can read more about it {here}.

4. Fireflies or lightning bugs: I'm always confused as to what to call these things, but none of the less, they are fun to catch and I loved seeing the boys get so excited about them. We gave them a bath early, put them in their pjs, and let them stay up a little extra. We had the best time running around the backyard and catching them. I was even told I was an expert catcher. Now that's an achievement. These are the summer nights I never want to end.

5. Faith based tee: when I partnered with Bourne Southern I didn't realize how a simple tee can be such a great reminder and a subtle conversation starter. It's great to know that even in my times of weakness and when all chaos breaks out, I'm reminded of God's unending grace for me. If you would like to check out their tees or adorable totes, be sure to use code SIERRA10 at checkout for 10% off your entire purchase.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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