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Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a great week! Boy was it a hot one here. I guess it's to be expected during this time of the summer it's not the most comfortable to deal with. I can only imagine how my friends in the south handle it. I'm ok with it being hot, but when the air is thick and sticky with crazy humidity, ah no thanks. 

We are looking forward to some fun things planned this weekend but also getting some relaxing in. I'm sure you've all heard about a little sale that is going on...yeah that would be the Nordstrom sale! If we aren't already friends on instagram (@beautifully_candid) be sure to stop by next week as some of me and my insta friends have a little something to share with you!

Here's a look at some of my favorites from this week...

1. Coaty's bday: I'm not so sure I would classify this as a favorite because every year he gets a little older I get a little sadder. I just want him with us forever. One of my best parts of the day is him greeting us when we get home with a toy in his mouth and his tail going a mile a minute. He will always be my first baby and yesterday our sweet boy turned eight.

2. Date night: if you caught my insta stories you might have seen that Eric and I snuck out for a date night. My mom watched the boys and we met up with another couple and got to enjoy some sushi and wine. We love sushi but rarely eat it anymore unless we are by ourselves, so this was a nice treat for all of us.

3. Lobster night: so these next two favorite things are going to be about some food related items too and I'm not really mad about it. Our local grocery store had lobsters on sale so Eric decided to pick a few up. The boys thought they were the coolest things and of course wanted to play with them. I think the last time we had lobster was around this time last year when we also took a similar pics of the boys with them. Little nugget was not into holding one then but this year he was a lot more confident. 

We ended up having to bride them to get them back because they wanted to cover them with dirt and then make them pop out like monsters. Yeah, maybe next time boys. I posted a pic on social media and some people asked how did the boys not get pinched? Well, my friends, these were already cooked. No children were harmed when handling the lobsters lol.

4. Ice cream:I shared earlier this week about our little visit to a local ice cream shop and I could not leave this one out of my favs. These turned out to be some of the cutest fav pics and a sweet little memory we had together. I could just eat both of them up!

5. Sunnies: I've gotten a lot of interest about my newest pair of sunglasses that I am loving. Anyone that knows me understands that mirrored sunnies have kind of been my thing. I recently shared about a company I am working with, DIFFeyewear and not only do I love how many fun pairs of glasses they have, but how also take pride in giving back. I love their buy one give one program that donates a pair of reading glasses with every purchase made to those in need and also helps provide eye exams and eye care treatments. If interested in purchasing a pair please use code CANDID25 at checkout for 25% off!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking me throughout the week for all the link up fun.

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