Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week. Boy was it a hot one over here. That didn't stop us from having our fun though and nothing a little extra sunscreen, making sure we were hydrated, and finding some shade couldn't help with. 

Even though this weekend is jam packed (what else is new), I am really excited for all the fun it should bring. We'll be visiting our family and friends, spending time in my dad's pool, hoping to go blueberry picking, visiting Philly and taking the nuggets to their first baseball game. I'm sure I'll be over sharing on my instagram so you can always catch a glimpse of the fun over there. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. Brunch: hands down brunch is one of my most favorite meals. Would you believe I haven't been to brunch since mother's day? That's a long time for me considering I was on a roll for awhile. My sister came up and we went to the Committed Pig in Morristown. It was a very trendy and cute little place with some delicious food. I think it was a little too small and crowded though for the boys because they kept saying it's too loud and we want to go outside. We pretty much gobbled up our food and then headed outside to a nice park that was across the street. The boys cleared out my pennies and had a lot of fun throwing them into the fountain. I sure hope some of their wishes come true. Although, they did disclose a few of them to us which included wanting a frog and another dog.

2. Farm fun: so bloglovin which is the main source I use to keep up with my favorite bloggers decided they were not my friend on Tuesday. My feed wasn't working and my post that went live didn't show up until hours later. Thanks to my blogging girls who came through for me :) It looks like its since been fixed but I've got my eye on them now and hopefully it won't happen again. In case you missed my post about our farm trip, basic tees, and our garden that is in desperate need of some help—you can read more here.

3. Lake visit: since it's been so hot here and we weren't planning on heading to the shore, we met up with a few friends to visit a local lake. The boys had so much fun splashing around, trying to catch a fish with their little net and luring them in with Swedish fish. Fish catch fish, right? They didn't actually catch one but a Dad next to us caught one with a cheese doodle and brought it over to let them hold it. I didn't have my camera down by the water so I missed that one.

4. Community outreach: our church had a community outreach that was basically like a huge church picnic but they opened it up to for anyone to attend and a chance to reach out to others in the area. It was a great turnout and really nice to see some familiar and new faces. They had a classic car show, food for everyone, huge bounce houses, even a mobile petting zoo, and pony rides. To say the boys had a great time would be an understatement.

5. I've thought about applying to for awhile for now but always chickened out. I knew my following wasn't that big on instagram and I always assumed that played a major role in their decision. Tif over at Bright on a Budget who was one of my first blogging friends has always been a great support to me and encouraged me to just apply for it. She heard they were accepting applications again so I decided to submit mine. Much to surprise I got an email back about a week or so later with a welcome letter. I was a little shocked and of course excited. I might have even done a little happy dance in my office. I'm still learning how to work the app and not really sure what will come of it, but I look forward to linking a lot more of not just what I wear but what the nuggets wear too.
Speaking of linking, can we just talk about the Nordstrom sale?!? I know, who hasn't talked about it, but I may or may not have gotten up extra early this morning to try and snag a few things. Here are a few things that I had on my wish list. How cute is this cold shoulder pullover and this tie knot sweatshirt. I loved this tiered bell sleeve top but it's sold out in my size and in the color I want. I really like this ruffle sleeve tunic dress which will be great for the office or a casual look. I also love this lace top and lace romper. I've been on the fence with this cardigan and keep going back and forth about it. I really like it but I'm worried that it's such a specific looking cardigan that it will look like I'm wearing the same thing all fall. When I get a cardigan I wear them a lot. I've always gone with a general black or gray color so it's not as obvious when I've worn it three times in one week. Ah, I'm so not sure about this one but I do really like it. What were some of your favorite picks from the sale?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's were you can find me linking up with some of favorites throughout the week.

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