Girl Chat Link Up-July Edition

Happy Thursday, Friends! I'm so glad you're back to join us for this month's girl chat link up. We'll be talking about what we would do with a million dollars. You know, I used to think a million dollars was a really big deal, and don't get me wrong, it still is a big deal! But, with the cost of every day living, the housing market, and just general expenses—a million dollars doesn't go very far anymore. Not like I've ever had a million dollars to just play around with, but let's pretend like I did...

What would I do with a million dollars? First, I'm sure I would see if anyone in my family was truly in need of something. A new car, a roof over their head, something. Then of course I would look at my immediate family's needs and more than likely put some aside to travel. No shocker there. I've mentioned before if I could be on a permanent vacation, well maybe more like go somewhere every month, I would be oh so happy. 

Since I also mentioned before that Eric and I do real estate investment on the side, I'm sure we would look for another property or a quick flip. This is actually something I hope to possibly move into more full time in the years to come. Now here's the thing, I wouldn't look to spend all of this million but I would look for how I could make it grow.  Your dollar is only as good as the last one in your pocket and once that runs out that's it. 

I'm not big into a lot of materialistic things so I'm not even sure a car or a crazy expensive handbag would be my thing. Well maybe I'd treat myself to a Louie. Maybe. Probably. Ok I might have one in mind. But aside from that, I'm not really sure I would spend it on "stuff". 

Typically I would mention this first, but for some reason my urge to donate (unless I truly know where my money is going) makes me leery.  God has planted somethings on our hearts lately that we are really hoping to see come to fruition if that's part of His plan. We've had something in the works as it relates to changes for our family for a really long time now, and when the timing is right I will be more than happy to share. I've actually had part of a post in draft for over a year now and hope that one day I can finish it and hit post. If there's one thing I've learned from all of this, it's that patience is not my strong point. I can't help but think maybe that's what part of this whole waiting game is about? I'm not sure, But for now our story is still being written. I wasn't expecting to go into all of that, but it kind of came out, and now I don't feel like erasing it. So anyway, a million and donating. I'm not so sure I would donate a chunk but possibly take matters into my own hands to get something started with giving back. I think it's amazing to be able to donate and help others in need but there's something about rolling up your sleeves and really being a part of the process that truly impacts me. 

So now it's your turn...what would you do with a million dollars?

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