High Waisted Pants Office Look

I have a confession to make, I used to make fun of high waisted pants. You know, like those signature mom jeans from back in the day that are making a comeback. My friends and I used to say we would never wear something like that and how we thought they looked so corny all while we strolled around in our bootcut jeans that didn't have working back pockets or had no pockets at all. Does anyone remember those? 

Anyway, never say never, right? I'm still not sure I can get on the mom jean trend (I'm stuck on my skinnies and distressed look), I must say wearing things higher on my waist does not bother me now though. Maybe it's just because I'm getting older and having your pants sit as low as they can go before revealing too much just doesn't sound appealing to me anymore.

These high waisted pants have been a big hit at my office and every time I wear them I always have someone asking me where I got them from. I love how comfortable they are, especially since I'm sitting at my desk majority of the day. I really like how the tie in the front adds to the look along with the longer pockets. I also like how these look with wedges or heels but can easily be dressed down with a pair of sandals. I'm wearing a size small, I was worried about them being too tight in the hip area (real life talk) because I'm not necessarily slim over there. But, if I go up in a size in pants, I usually run into an issue with the length (short people problems). These did end up fitting true to size and I can get them up or down without getting stuck in them. True story, that has happened to me before in a dressing room and I thought I was going to have to rip the pants just to get out of them. Don't even get me started on the tops and dresses I've gotten stuck in. It's a horrible feeling and I've since learned my lesson, if you have to size up, you size up.

Pants c/o-(here) | Tank old similar (here) | Wedges old similar (here)

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