I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice Cream

There's something about getting an ice cream cone that has summer written all over it and feels like the perfect sweet treat. There's a local ice cream shop that we've passed a ton of times before but never had a chance to check it out. Since this weekend was pretty low key for us, we decided to treat the boys and finally check out this adorable little spot. 

The boys were so excited and loved looking at all the flavors they had. I went with mint chocolate chip, A went with cookies and cream, and little nugget went with this blue cookie chunk type thing that was called the Cookie Monster. 

It took 30 seconds for the boys to get ice cream all over their face, have it dripping down their fingers, and clothes, but I am happy to say none of our cones ended up on the floor. And seriously, is there any other way to eat a cone when you're a kid? I feel like it isn't an ice cream treat if it doesn't come with that sticky goodness. 

After little nugget realized he had ice cream all over him, he turned to me and said,"hey mommy, everybody kiss my face". I really don't know where he gets this stuff from, but it's too cute. He also kept wanting to switch back and forth between my cone and his and couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted green or blue. Meanwhile, A was set on finishing his and could have sat contently licking away. Well, that was until he saw the big stools and wanted to sit on those. It's just amazing to see how much he has grown and become so much more independent in what feels like the blink of an eye. 

With all this stickiness, I was the lucky one to walk away with not only mint, but vanilla and blue ice cream on my dress too. Who needs napkins when you have mom close by, right? Thankfully this flowy dress from PinkBlush was not ruined. Once I got home and spot cleaned it, I was back in business. I love the bright fuchsia color (also comes in several other colors) and the simple v-neck design which makes this easy to wear with flats, espadrilles, or wedges. I love when clothes are effortless and easy to throw on and go, especially when ice cream's on everyone's mind and no one has patience for mom to get ready. 

Dress-c/o PinkBlush here | Espadrilles-here

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