Romper Ready Exploring Amsterdam

There's something about visiting Europe that has so much charm to it that when I come back home I wish we had more cute towns and places like that around. Maybe it's the brick streets, beautiful architecture, and the atmosphere in general, but whatever it is, I love it, and hope to visit more often.  

I mentioned that Eric's work had a conference out in Amsterdam and since my mom offered to watch the boys I jumped at the opportunity to go. His company is very understanding and it's almost a given when spouses go out there and extend their time to make a trip out of it.

When I got there it was the last day of his conference which happened to only be a half day. With the time difference I flew through the night but when I landed it was only 1am at home but 7am there. Because it was still so early there (and I'd still be sleeping at home) I ended up jumping in bed at the hotel for a few hours until he was done.  After that it was off to explore and to check into our Airbnb.

When I got there everyone was talking about how Amsterdam was experiencing unusually warmer weather for this time of year. I think they might have even broken some kind of records. I was glad I packed my new geometric romper (I'm wearing a small, fits true to size, bottom is loose fitting. Oh, and it's currently on sale!) because it was flowy, light weight, and perfect to walk around in.

The first thing we did was grab some lunch over near Bloemenmarkt. This place was so cool to check out because it's basically a floating flower market. There were some cute little shops along the way and some great places to eat. We loved looking at all of the pretty tulips and flowers and some of the biggest bulbs I have ever seen. Of course the flowers I fell in love with they said wouldn't make it back through US customs so we didn't bother getting any.

In true tourist fashion, we decided to get a lock (because you have to lock your love, right?) and find a bridge to lock it up. We tried to be discreet and strategic about it and actually did not put ours where everyone else did. We know they get cut off pretty often and would love to go back someday to see if by chance it's actually still there. We ended up holding onto it for a few days until we scouted out the perfect spot for it. The bridges there have wide bars so you would need a huge lock for it to fit on most of them. We found the perfect area with smaller bars that only had two other locks by it that were still there from 2013. So who knows, maybe there's a chance it's still locked up on there.

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