Rooftop Terrace in Stripes and Lace

On of the things I love about vacationing is also being able to come home and look through all of my pictures and relive it all over again. I mentioned before that this was our first experience booking a place through Airbnb. The place we stayed at was sooo nice that I'm hoping it didn't set the bar too high for the next time we look to book. 

What I loved about the apartment we were in, and what pretty much sold us, was this beautiful rooftop terrace. It ran the whole length of the apartment and even wrapped around on one side which led you to an outdoor shower. We enjoyed breakfast and lunch out here all while listening to the different sounds from the street and the local market below. We also caught a few sunsets which happen so much later in Europe then what I'm used to. It was bright almost every night until around 10pm. 

Because of all of the canals that go through Amsterdam, it gets pretty windy. When we were outside here the wind was definitely present. Sometimes it wasn't bad at all and other times it picked up a lot and even blew a few things over. The owner of the apartment asked us if we wouldn't mind watering all of his pretty flowers and few of his special plants. Of course we didn't mind and actually found it to be quite relaxing. I hope one day we can get our green thumb act together and actually have things stick around and do well. Isn't it interesting how some people just have a gift and whatever they touch blooms. Then there are others who try to make it work and no matter what they do it shrivels up. I'd like to think we're somewhere in the middle with a little glimmer of hope. Although, our poor garden might be an indication of something other.

This top that I am wearing combines two of my favorite things, lace and stripes. I love how the lace comes up on the neckline to give it a very flattering and sophisticated look and then the side ties at the bottom give it a more playful look. I have gotten so many compliments on this shirt every time I wear it. If it wasn't for trying to switch my clothes up in some sort of rotation, I'd probably wear it all the time. I'm wearing a size small and overall I would say this shirt fits true to size. Here's to many more travel experiences and rooftop living. 

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