Weekending Chicago Style

Oh how the weekends come and go so quickly. Long weekends are my absolutely favorite and this one was one of those for me. In case you missed it, my sister and I were out in Chicago visiting our brother and the weekend couldn't have been better. The weather was amazing! It was seriously so beautiful and perfect every day.  

My sister and I went out last year and had so much fun that we decided to plan a reunion trip and do it all over again. We had a few repeats this trip like kayaking on the Chicago River and a delicious breakfast at Lou Mitchells. There is so much to do and see here that we could probably come out several more times and see something new each time. The city is so awesome in the summer time and one of things that was really cool was having the lake right there in the midst of the city. I always heard people talk about how the beach is right there but this time we got to enjoy it for ourselves. I took a great nap in the sun after our morning of kayaking and when I woke up the people watching was prime time. Boy were there some characters here.

Of course we had to add in some new fun and all the eating you can think of on this trip. We brunched, we drank, we had deep dish pizza, and we had the cutest food ever, I mean ever, at Imperial Lamian. Not only were these dumplings so good to eat but they had the cutest presentation and were blogging picture taking heaven.

We also had all the rooftop fun this trip and enjoyed some amazing views under the warm sunshine. We also loved the 3 Arts Club Cafe inside of Restoration Hardware. This place was pretty awesome and I loved that everything they had in their from the silverware to the couches you ate on was all from there. It was such a cool concept and you would never even really know you were inside a store.  At London House we enjoyed this giant mule that was made for four people to share, and that's just what we did. This thing was huge and the pictures don't even do it justice. If you're ever in the city with a group of people, this is a fun drink to share. After London House, we headed over to Cindy's to see a different view of the city and see the bean from afar. 

You all know how I love me some street art. Well, we passed this flamingo wall almost every day we were there and I immediately wanted to take a picture in front of it. At first my brother and sister were joking around because they thought it was a gentleman's club and tried to talk me out of it and didn't want me taking a picture in front of something like that, nor would I want to if that was the case. In their defense, it did look a little sketchy driving by with their blacked out windows. The blogger in me just couldn't let it go and I knew that a pic in front of this thing was happening before the end of the trip. Thanks to good old google, I typed in flamingo wall in Chicago and wouldn't you know it popped right up as one of the top instagrammable places in all of Chicago. It is in fact a flamingo dancing rum bar (hence the flamingos) and I got my wish with my pretty pic.

This trip was such a great time filled with many fun memories. I love that we also mixed in some favorites but enjoyed exploring and seeing new things in the city as well. We're hoping to make this an annual trip and maybe even next year have our two other brothers be able to join us as well. 

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