Bringing Some Drama To The Office

Give me all of the dramatic sleeves and fun tops that are really on trend right now. I have been loving all the different styles but so many of them limit me to where I can wear them. They're mainly all cold shoulder, off the shoulder, one shoulder, and well, all about those shoulders. While I still love them, that's just something I can't rock in my office. So I made it a challenge to find a good compromise. 

One thing about me is am pretty much a drama free person (for the most part). I look back and laugh at some of the things that used to bother me back in the day or being worried about what certain people thought. But I think once you get to a certain age (gosh I sound old) you start to really realize what, and who, are important in your life and let the rest roll off your back. 

The only drama you will find with me is with my sleeves. How fun is this frill shoulder top (currently on sale wearing an xs)?! If you've been following me for a bit then you know stripes is my go-to pattern, so this was a double win for me. I love how easy this top is to take from work to every day wear, and the best part is, it's office appropriate yet still allows me to bring a sense of trendy style with it. Not to mention, when I love what I'm wearing I also feel more motivated to accomplish the day. I'm on to you work week, we got this!


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