Floral Off The Shoulder Dress and Why Summer Needs To Slow Down

How is it the first day of August already? It feels like just the other day I was hanging up my light weight jackets and excited to break out my tank tops and flip flops. I know summer isn't over yet, but I feel like once August hits I'm clinging onto those summer nights a little harder. 

Don't get me wrong, I love fall too, but once all of the pretty leaves fall off the trees and everything looks dreary and barren I am longing for those warmer temps and longer days. The more I think about it, I really only love the first few weeks of fall. Sure the holidays are great too but this girl is not a freezing cold bitter winter kind of girl. 

This summer got me thinking about some of the joys it's brought and why I am hoping it would slow down just a little. 

-Longer days and warm sunshine (although I could do without the humidity)
-Going to the beach 
-Ice cream on a warm day (I don't enjoy ice cream when it's cold out)
-Seeing my little nuggets run around the backyard barefoot and laughing each night they get in the tub to clean their dirty piggy feet.
-The sound of birds chirping 
-All of the pretty flowers 
-Farm stands and all of the yummy fresh fruits and veggies
-Watching the nuggets enjoy all of the water play, even if it means me getting in the kiddie pool and joining them in a water squirting match #boymomlife
-Eating lunch and dinner outside, and if I had more time in the morning I'd probably try to squeeze breakfast in there too.
-Summer travel and taking some long weekends 
-Summer outfits 

I love a great sweater and fall look too, but there's something about being able to show some leg and throw on a pair of open toed shoes (when you have your toes done of course). I love this pretty floral dress from PinkBlush with it's mixed pattern and off the shoulder look. They have so many great looks to choose from and I want all of them. Being on the petite side I do wish they offered some of their clothes in an extra small option. This dress is currently sold out in a small but they do still have other sizes available. I also love this one and this one and now they might need to make it on my list too.

What's been your favorite thing during the summer?

Dress c/o- (here) | Shoes-(here)

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