Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, friends! I hope you all had a great week. This was a fun one for us with so much going on that I honestly don't have the time to do individual posts for everything so I'm packing it in with my favorites this week and this isn't even everything. 

Without further ado here's a look at some of my favorites...

1. Take me to Sesame Place: Eric and I decided a break from our work week was needed and decided to take the day and surprise the boys with a trip to Sesame Place. They were so excited when they woke up and found out they didn't  have to go to school and that they were going to see Elmo and Cookie Monster. That excitement quickly went away when they got really upset when we had to leave and broke out the sobbing tears (A is actually crying in the last pic). He wanted to make it his new house and it's probably partially our fault because we referred to it as Elmo's house. In his little toddler mind he thought he could just bring his bed there and take up residence.

I shared some of our highlights on instagram and I was so surprised by how many people who never knew this place existed. I guess because we grew up with it around us, my cousin even worked there when we were younger, and it's always just been a staple for our family. If you're ever in the area and have little ones I would recommend checking it out.

2. We only had an eclipse this week: so the eclipse, let's start with those crazy looking viewing glasses that everyone was supposed to wear. You heard about them, right? Ha! Well, I guess I thought we weren't really going to be able to see anything around here so I didn't take it seriously and certainly didn't plan properly. The night before Eric looked online to see if we could find places that still had them. He came across something that said 7-Eleven might so I decided before heading to work I would try my luck. I went into a local Walgreens where the woman working there was really rude and basically cut me off with a stern NO! Before I could even get the whole question out. I should have went with my first instincts and just tried 7-Eleven. They were in the same complex anyway so why I waisted my time at Walgreens, the world may never know.

Long story short, the guy at 7-Eleven was extremely nice and explained they were getting a shipment in at 10:30am . He was nice enough to put one on hold for me and called me when their shipment came in. When I went to pick them up people were lined up outside waiting for these glasses. I was lucky enough to get the last pair and someone even offered me $100 for them on the way out. I don't think they were really serious and at this point with all the hype I am keeping these glasses for my grand kids one day.

Everyone in my office took a late lunch that day and I ran home to have my own little viewing party with Coaty. I have to be honest, I thought this whole experience was going to be so much more. My sister took a trip to Georgia and got to experience the path of totality and said it was amazing. I know we were pretty far away from its path, but if someone didn't tell me it was eclipse day, I would have just thought it was another day. Basically it didn't get dark here, at all. Not even a little bit. If anything, I would compare it to an overcast day. It was still really cool to see and I'm glad I got to experience it but one thing I do know is, you definitely needed those glasses to see it. I don't even know how my picture came out looking so dark because this is not what it looked like on the ground. First off, I couldn't even see what the heck I was taking a picture of because you seriously can't see anything out of those glasses aside from the sun. I hooked up my 75-300mm lens that I barely use and I figured if it got burnt out it wouldn't be much of a loss. Then I find out in 2024 we will be really close to the path of totality and since the boys will be old enough to know what's actually going on, we'll be taking a little drive to upstate NY.

3. Fair days: finishing out all the summer fun we couldn't pass up on taking the boys to a local county fair that was going on. We went later on in the day and as a special treat decided to let the nuggets stay up past their bedtime to see the fireworks. They were both great and it was so much fun laying out on our blanket looking up at a great view of the fireworks and making family memories.

4. Matchy matchy: if you've noticed from my pics of the boys I don't often put them in matching clothes, maybe more like coordinate their outfits, but putting them in the same thing doesn't happen often. I shared earlier this week that I caved in and got them both the same pair of monster knee jeans. Not only did I think the subtle distressed look and the little patchwork on the knee was adorable, but I know as a mom of two boys under two years apart that if I got for one, I have to get for the other. It was a great day over here too when both of them looked at the camera.

5. Sunflowers: there's something so special about these big bright flowers that give me all the smiles. We were out and passed a roadside stand that of course I made Eric stop and do a u-turn so we could go back and check them out. They were even prettier in person and two big bundles made their way home with me. Before I put them in my mason jars around the house the boys kept asking me if they could hold one. Of course you know I had to maximize on that opportunity and snap a pic with them. I shared it on my instagram (@beautifully_candid) and it has now become my most liked pic.
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun.

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