The Cutest Monster Knee Jeans and Kids Say and Do The Darndest Things

I'm taking a step back from my fashion post this week to feature two of the cutest toddlers around. I can't believe both of them will be in preschool this year. Time, we are not always friends and this would be one of them. I am so thankful we are in an area that doesn't start school until after Labor Day because we definitely live and take summer to the fullest over here. 

When I came across these adorable monster knee jeans (currently on sale) I knew I had to have them for the nuggets. They were so excited when they came in the mail (who doesn't love fun mail) and immediately stripped down in my kitchen to put them on. They started chasing each other around and thought it was the funnest thing to move their knee and make the "monster talk".

If you've been following this little space of mine or enjoying our adventures on instagram (@beautifully_candid), then you know these two come up with some silly things, enjoy all the dirt and worms they can get their hands on, yet give the best hugs and love I could ask for. I thought it would be fun to share some recent things they've said and done that make it really hard for Eric and I to keep a straight face sometimes.

Lately A has been really sensitive to smells or maybe he is just identifying them more. Regardless, for some reason he associates a lot of smells with everything smelling horrible. We had a friend catch a ride with us a few weeks ago and as soon he came in the car A did not take to his cologne. He announced that something smelled horrible and asked if we could open the windows because it was disgusting (it was not disgusting but maybe a little strong). He then told our friend that they smelled like poop, because somehow horrible always relates to poop.

The other day I left the pantry cabinet open (mom fail) and little nugget got to the box of Cheerios. He managed to open the box upside down and pull the plastic bag out, disaster waiting to happen. When I caught him, I told him I would give him a bowl of them, but of course he had other plans. I tried to explain to him that I didn't want him to spill them all over, but that ended in a downward spiral, literally. He hit the floor and proceeded to inch around the kitchen floor on his back like a little worm for the next 15 minutes, all while screaming about his Cheerios. When he got up his light colored shirt he was wearing needed to be washed because #reallife, my floors have been neglected.

We're working with A on listening the first time and I recently told him to put his listening ears on. He told me his ears are always on because they're on his head but listening is just too hard.

We're working on teaching little nugget to say I'm sorry when he does something that isn't right. The other day I caught him sitting in front of a big milk puddle (I have a bone to pick with these supposed leak proof cups) on the table with his hand prints and lines going through it like he decided to finger paint. When I asked him who did this, he tried to blame it on his brother, then on his daddy, and  then finally on our poor dog. I explained to him that he needed to say sorry and instead he looked right at me and said, I forgive you.

A few months back the nuggets found some cardboard and wanted to make a rocket out of it. I told them they could take it outside and gave them some crayons to color on it. I had to run to the bathroom and was only gone for not even two minutes. How do things always go haywire in such a short amount of time?! When I came back, I went outside to find my spices from the spice rack poured all over the deck and their cardboard pieces because they thought the oregano was glitter. I have to say, that was pretty creative and I can see where the confusion of glitter and spices can come into play.

One Sunday while Eric and I were getting ready for church, we had the boys in our bedroom watching tv while we were in our bathroom. The boys came across a junk drawer where someone had gotten us a set of love dice as a gag gift and of course the boys ended up getting their hands on them. As I'm in the middle of putting my eye makeup on we hear someone get clocked in the head and then a thud on the ground, followed by a cry. We run out to see A standing there with a sock in his hand and little nugget laying flat on his back on the ground. A says, it's ok mommy we were just playing David and Goliath. David and Goliath?! Yup, that love dice was in that sock that he wound up and knocked his brother right on the forehead with. In this story, Goliath didn't stand a chance.


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