A Day Date In The City

On Friday Eric and I decided to take the day, drop the nuggets off at school, and head into the city for a day date. It's always so tough to find a sitter and really enjoy ourselves when we go out because we never know how they will act, how bed time will go, and not to mention paying someone to watch two kids comes at a premium. 

I may never be able to look at date night the same way again. We were so much more relaxed, we weren't tired #oldpeoplestatus, and we were still able to enjoy the night with the boys and then relax on the couch later. I am day date hooked, you guys. Now, if only we could do this more often. 

We've gone to the city plenty of times but have never been to top of the rock. We finally made it a priority and got to experience the amazing lookout. The views were beautiful and it was so cool seeing the skyline from a different perspective with the statue of liberty off in the distance. We spotted a bride and groom who were taking their pictures up there and I couldn't help but snap a pic of her. That veil floating in the win, gosh her professional pictures must have came out amazing. 

After top of the rock we headed to bryant park to grab some lunch and take advantage of the beautiful weather and eating outside. We always go to the park in the winter when we go to see the tree but it was nice to visit at a different time of year. I've always wanted to get a NYC walking across the street pic (big goals, right) so Eric was nice enough to capture that. Don't worry, I did not risk my life (not worth it) and it was a very calm area. As we were walking around I came across my name that was carved into the street, so naturally that needed to be captured. And if you haven't noticed, yes, I usually travel to the city with two pairs of shoes. My walking shoes and then my big girl shoes. Kind of silly—I know—but I've always been that way especially if I go in for work.

One of the main reasons we went into the city was to stop by mood fabrics in the garment district to pick out fabric for curtains and a couch cover for the airstream. We've purchased from them before when we redid our dining room chairs and also my grandmother's rocking chair and have always been happy with their selection. I love what we found and look forward to seeing how it all comes together. That blue pattern feels very airstreamish (probably not a real word but let's pretend like it is) and the curtain colors will be that lighter tan with blackout fabric behind it.

Poor Eric had to carry what felt like fifty plus pounds of fabric back to penn station, but he definitely got his workout in for the day. It was so random because on our way back to the train we were stopped by a cop who said, hey, look at this lovely couple over here. Unfortunately my first reaction was thinking, what in the world did Eric just do?! It turns out it was one of our friends from high school who is now an NYPD. I'm telling you, sometimes this world is so small. After chatting with him for a little while it was off to make a mad dash for the train. We've come to the conclusion that our NYC trips aren't complete without making a run for the train (we're never on time). Even with carrying yards and yards of fabric. Here's to more day dates and random happenings. Because as our friends would say, only you two.

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