Floral Maxi Dress and a Winery Day

One of the things I love about the state we live in is the diversity and so many things you can explore and do. If you're willing to drive an hour or so there is so much territory to explore and different adventures to stumble upon.

There are a lot of different wineries around to visit that you could spend an afternoon at and they also make for some really pretty backdrops for pictures. Eric and I actually had our wedding reception at a winery so we thought it would be fun to take the boys and snap some family pictures. September is also when the grapes are on the vines which is a nice time to visit .

We didn't visit the actual winery that our reception was at, although we do plan to take the boys one day, but decided on more of a low key location. You know, kids running around and causing a ruckus—you never really know how that's going to go. This one had tons and tons of rows of grapes, but some of them had nets over them, and others looked like they were already picked over. 

You know sometimes when you have an idea in your head about how you think something is going to go and then when it actually happens in real life it couldn't be so far from what you envisioned. Well, that was this scenario. 

I don't know why I thought we were going to snap some beautiful pictures of us frolicking in between the vines, with great lighting (more like harsh lighting and then it got overcast), and everyone would be in focus. Now that I actually typed that out it makes me feel kind of dumb for even thinking that lol. I guess a girl can dream, can't she?! 

As someone who's experienced many failed picture attempts, I've learned to just enjoy what I get. While they might not be the perfect pose, white balance (the struggle is real) or facial expressions, it was our moments and what actually happened. 

Don't get me wrong, I still love these and my heart is melting from the kiss little nugget planted on my cheek. I just wasn't what I envisioned, you know. Of course sticks and rocks had to make their way into the pictures and once the boys spotted horses off in the distance—they were done with any sort of smiling. I chased after them and we let them climb the fence but not without making a reference about how it looked like the Jurassic Park fence. It does though, doesn't it?

One thing I do know is this floral maxi dress (compliments of) PinkBlush was beautiful. I usually have a hard time with maxi dresses due to their length, but this one fit me really well and the material was so comfortable. I wore it with a pair of wedges and the length was perfect. We did find a section of vines that had beautiful grapes hanging off of them and now Eric has the idea that he wants to grow grapes one day. The funny thing is, I wouldn't put it past him.

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