Like a Kid In a Candy Store

Blush mules
Blush Mules
Bomber Jacket
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We passed this adorable candy shop multiple times over the summer while walking up and down the boardwalk and the nuggets asked us several times if they could go in. Each time we came up with an excuse and quickly kept on walking. I'm talking like tried to avoid it at all costs, with me walking on one side of the stroller talking loudly about nothing related to candy to try and block their view, and Eric trying to push them sideways so they wouldn't see it as we went past. Ha! That must have been a sight to see. 

Well, we ended up caving in the last time we were at the beach and figured if they did any damage in there at least we wouldn't need to see anyone until next year, and by that point, hopefully the whole thing would be forgotten. We told them they could pick out one thing each (that sounded like a good idea in theory) but not to touch things without asking mommy or daddy.

Oh my candy chaos. Now I know why our instincts told us to avoid it all costs. I guess it's partially my fault too because here I am with my camera taking in all of the candy sights and needing to document this moment, because #documentlife. And after taking maybe 45 seconds to snap a few pics, I look over and see them elbow deep in the candy jars and their cheeks packed like little squirrels. Eric turned his back for two seconds to park the stroller and their little toddler self couldn't contain themselves. 

We tried to explain to them that we can't eat this until we pay for it. Well that resulted in little nugget crying and screaming, no not me! We eat the candy! 

You guys, we lasted not even five minutes in this place before we had to make a beeline for the door. We picked up a few things and thought it would be better to let them eat them outside. The shop had bright white and tealish color stripes painted on a side wall so we decided to snap a few pictures. 

They were a sticky mess within 10 seconds of licking those lollipops and at that point I decided to give up on trying to keep them clean. As I was bending down to help A with something, little nugget decided to come up and wipe his sticky face in the sleeve of my shirt. Ew yuck! We put them back in the stroller to finish their treats (they actually didn't even make a dent in them before saying they were done) and I put on my blush bomber to take advantage of that striped wall (you know me and those walls), and to try and hide the sticky mess. I'm kind of obsessed with these blush mules I got during the Nordstrom sale and the best part is, they're super comfy. 

I think it's safe to say we will be avoided candy stores for a few years after this visit. They weren't even this bad when we went to Hershey. I guess that's because everything was packaged there...who knows. Well, you live and you learn. 


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