My Thoughts on The End of Summer

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And just like that summer 2017 is in the books. Well, almost. I know everyone is excited for fall, myself included, but technically we still have a few weeks left of summer before it's actually over. We're still at the beach and enjoying every last bit of the sand, ocean, crab catching, smiles, and tantrums that come along with it. 

The other night we went up on the boardwalk with the nuggets, and as I took a few picture of them and looked down at their smiling faces, it got me thinking about this summer. We had so much fun together that it almost feels impossible to top it. I started thinking about some things we didn't get a chance to accomplish, and how much we will miss coming down here until next year. At first, I was a little bummed out (remembering what I look like without a tan might have played a part in that as well) but then I realized, just because things come to an end doesn't mean the fun has to stop. 

Every season brings new excitement and new adventures that we're able to cherish, learn from, and continue our goals of what we hope to achieve come the next go round. It's been rewarding to really enjoy our moments together instead of waiting for the next one to happen. That might sound silly, but when you have a lot on your plate or a lot to tackle, you can easily find yourself preoccupied with other things and unintentionally miss out on what's happening in front of you. 

These few little hours up on the boardwalk (and this is just a snippet) were so much fun. Of course when the tantrums happen because that dag gone claw machine dropped your paw patrol stuffie after it raised it in the air and was so close to coming down that shoot (and we might have fed it another two dollars and Dad was the hero and won it) aren't always fun, but they're teachable moments for both them and us. That's when I started thinking about what has this summer taught me. 

This summer has taught us and given us so many great little reminders about making sure we enjoy each moment. To have fun with our kids even if we may look goofy or get weird looks from others. Like that time the boys and I put beach towels around our necks and went superhero seagull chasing up and down the sand. We definitely got a few eye rolls there, but keep on rolling people. To enjoy each day even if the weather isn't what you hoped for. That it's ok to go out of your routine every now and then to create the best memories together. It's ok to be vulnerable, laugh together, and cry together. Things might not always go as planned but letting yourself be more spontaneous is so refreshing.  Above all else, put love first in all of your relationships. 

Here's to all of the memories and good times this summer brought us and all the adventures every season holds. 

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