Ruffled Sleeve Tunic and My Struggle With Small Bags

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I think I'm starting to see a trend with myself as I'm leaning more towards all things ruffled sleeves, or maybe just statement sleeves in general. They have been all over the place lately and I am just getting sucked right in. I'm not complaining though, they're fun and add a little something extra to an overall look.

I picked up this ruffled sleeve tunic dress (currently sold out) during the Nordstrom anniversary sale but it was still too warm to wear it. It's the perfect time to wear it now with these up and down temperatures. The fabric feels like a very light sweatshirt material so it's easy to wear with wedges (which I'm not ready to give up just yet), booties, and I'm sure I can wear this with leggings and boots when it gets even cooler. My favorite pieces are the ones you can wear multiple ways and over different seasons.

My sister got me this great Kate Spade bag for my birthday and at first I was thinking is she nuts, I haven't really used a bag that small in forever. Ever since the boys came along, I've been lugging around a tote with snacks, toys, and wipes on hand like it's no ones business. I loved this little bag though, and after she asked me about 10 times if I liked it and that she wouldn't be offended if I returned it —I assured her I would use it. That night Eric and I went out for a quick bite to eat while his parents watched the boys. It was the perfect time for me to break out my new bag. I only brought along my essentials and at first it felt so weird and I kept double checking to see if I had every thing I needed. While we were out I realized that it's ok for me to disconnect from time to time and stop lugging around all of the mom burdens and guilt. That it's important to have moments where you take on a lighter load and can still be true to yourself. It's so silly that something so simple as a new bag can help you remember and put things into perspective for you. Now, this is the first thing I reach for when I know I don't have to lug around the world and it's even more special that it came from one of my favorite people.


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