That Time I Went to NYFW

Oh my gosh you guys!! It happened, it really happened. My sister and I got to attend the Dennis Basso show during NYFW. That might not sound like a big deal to some of you (and maybe it wasn't) but this was a check off my bucket list for sure. 

Let's start with that morning, shall we. My sister and I woke up extra early to start getting ready and to head into the city. Everything was going fine until I went to get into my outfit. Both my sister and I decided to wear jumpsuits and one of us went dark and the other one went light. 

My Marciano Jumpsuit fit like a glove and when I tried it on everyone in the store said it was made for me, or they just wanted to make a sale. Regardless, it came home with me and I loved it. One little problem, short people problems—it was so long on me. I'll save the whole back story and let's just skip to the point that I ended up running to a tailor first thing on Monday morning because one of the hems pulled out and Bhambi's Custom Alterations really saved the day. Samuel was amazing and had me in and out in 15 minutes. Not to mention he is the tailor for some pretty famous people so going up to his suite and being in that gorgeous room already felt like the day was starting off right, even with a little mishap.

Now that my jumpsuit was the right length, we were off to the Plaza Hotel for the show. It felt surreal walking in and having them check our names off of the list. We were in the 2nd row and sitting across from the bachelorette. If you saw my endless insta stories then you know I was doing some creeping and oversharing, but who can blame a girl, right? 

The ballroom there was just gorgeous and everything about it almost felt like a dream. From the paparazzi, to the celebs, to the fashion, I really had a pinch me is this real life moment. Now I know I wasn't one of those special bloggers that flew in from all over the place to attend lavish parties, go show hoping, and gets tons of free things, but this little moment for me really was all that I needed and I am so appreciative that I even got to experience it. 

When the lights went up and the music started I had the biggest smile on my face. Amelia Gray Hamlin opened and closed the show and did such a great job for her first time on the runway. The family was so sweet too and we even got to meet them backstage.

Ok, let's talk about backstage. Once the show was over my sister and I got to experience backstage and all the craziness that happens there. All of their looks were displayed on a board, the jewelry was set out for each girl, and all the racks of clothes and products to get everyone ready were around. We got to meet Dennis Basso and he was nice enough to take a picture with us. I didn't take too many pictures with my good camera because aside from the paparazzi, no one was really carrying around their DSLR and I didn't want to be that girl. Most of everything we captured was from our phones and it just made things fast and easier.

Something else that also felt surreal was being in the city on 9/11. To be honest, years prior I would  have never thought about going into the city on that day and I'd be lying if I wasn't a tad nervous when I found out what day the show was. I can't imagine what those emotions were like years ago when the whole tragedy happened. Driving to the tunnel and having a clear view of the new tower was really moving. It just shows what a strong city New York is, the love that so many people have for it, and the perfect spot for fashion week. 

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