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Since it's Thursday which always makes for a good excuse to share some #tbt, I couldn't help but dig into some archives and share some costume fun with you. It was way to hard to narrow down just one costume because I have loved all of them for different reasons. 

Here's a little random fact, Eric asked me to go trick or treating with him back in 2001 (wow that sounds ancient!) and it's what we consider as our first date, ok more like group date, but still. Unfortunately I couldn't find any pictures from back then. I remember he instant messaged me after school, and since it was so last minute (such a guy), I scrambled for a costume. I had these shiny velor pjs that me and two of my other best friends got for pj day at school, so I threw them on, put my hair in pigtails, put some eyeliner freckles on my face and pretend to be a baby. A baby? I have no clue what I was thinking. When I got there, him and his brother were dressed up like disciples so we were an odd bunch walking around. 

Ok back to costumes...I know that everyone has different beliefs and opinions about dressing up and going trick or treating which I completely respect and understand. But, I also don't believe in being hypocritical or turning on judgement at certain times of the year when it's convenient. We all have our flaws, our weaknesses, and our downfalls. Only our heavenly Father knows the content of our heart and our intentions. We do allow our kids to dress up and participate in fall fun but always keeping it within certain limitations and explaining things to them in an appropriate way. Now that we're past that, here's a little trip down memory lane. 

Before we had kids Eric and I would do a couples costume and coordinate in some sort of fashion. Like the time we were Popeye and a sailor (I wasn't feeling Olive Oyl). 

One of my favorite costumes was the time we dressed up as a bee and a beekeeper. I think we were renovating something (typical) and he had a painters suit that he joked around about making one into a costume. He got a fresh one, of course, and decided on the beekeeper. The best part was he found this plastic butt that he inserted to the costume that made the whole thing pretty darn funny. 

Before we had kids we also loved to dress Coaty up. He is such a great sport and fits in so perfectly with our goofy family. 

The first year we had A he was only a few weeks old so we didn't do much that year. A woman from my job had gotten him this adorable superman set so it was perfect to put him in. Gosh, look how tiny he was! He doesn't even look the same. 

Then, the next year we had to dress him and his furry brother up so they were ace ventura and fullton greenwall. That was definitely a favorite and everyone loved it. Does Coaty's hat look familiar? No? I didn't think so. Well, if you scroll back up it's the same hat as the beekeeper. We like to recycle around here :) 

Then, when little nugget came along we decided to recycle again (see a trend here) and put him in the same outfit that A wore. We decided to do family costumes and all be superheros. 

And of course, there's last years costumes when we were winnie the pooh and friends. I still want to eat up the cutest pooh and tigger, ever! Eeyore was pretty awesome, too! 

Now it's time for some link up fun! 

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