Friday Favorites-Last of October

Happy Friday, friends! Can you believe it's the last one in October? I can't. It feels like yesterday we were just celebrating A's birthday and starting the month off. I know we all say it and sound like broken records, but time, you can slow down, please. 

Here's a look at some of my favorites from the week...

1. All the fall feels: what would fall be if you didn't visit the pumpkin patch and all the fall places like 10 times. No literally, we've probably been that many times and might be going to another one this weekend. We just can't help ourselves, and each time we go we create new memories and have even more fun.

2. Brunch: last weekend my family came over and we had a delicious brunch and got to spend some quality family time. It's always great to get together with my sister and brother and it was so nice to just relax and catch up. The weather was absolutely beautiful and I am not complaining that there hasn't been much of a chill in the air because towards the end of this week we definitely started feeling it. 

3. Soccer: I finally got to see my little man play soccer but unfortunately not without coordinating with my boss and asking to leave work early. I was so happy to see him run around and chase after the ball. That is of course after the tantrums ended and him running off the field crying five times. I don't know what got into those kids but they were all acting nuts. I was seriously like, I left work early to come and see you play, can you please get out there and show me your moves. Thankfully he did, but we will see if soccer will be something he'll want to continue with in the years to come.
4. Breast cancer awareness month: with breast cancer awareness month coming to an end I decided it was time to share something very personal. It's not that I was ever intentionally keeping it a secret but as much as I put my life out there on this little space of mine, I also keep a lot of it very private. It's a balancing act. Anyway, I've had two breast cancer scares in my life and thank God both have come back benign with no further concerns. 

The first time was a few months before I got married and I was shattered. Waiting for those biopsy results are one of the hardest things in the world and I couldn't help but let my mind wander. The second time was earlier this year when I found another lump and immediately got it checked out. I decided to have that one removed because after a few months of monitoring it, it did cause me some discomfort. For the first time ever I decided to have surgery. As much as my faith is strong and I know that all things are in His hands, I was the biggest baby and let fear and doubt creep in. I had my mom come with me to the hospital and even cried before they wheeled me back into the operating room. When I saw those bright lights it felt like a scene out of Grey's Anatomy and I remember it being so cold in there. My teeth immediately started chattering and I remember I started to shake. They told me they were giving me some oxygen and before I knew it I was out. Thankfully I woke up at peace knowing everything was fine and reconfirmed after further testing. I'm so incredibly thankful that it was nothing more serious and pray that nothing will ever occur again. Why am I sharing all of this? I don't know to be honest. Maybe it's something tugging at my heart to encourage others to pay close attention to your body and if something doesn't seem right, talk about it and get it checked out. 

5. Airsteam update: on a lighter note, it's been a much slower process than we imagined tackling this renovation, but trying to get things done with two little nuggets wanting to help kind of makes for double work. We thought at first, oh this is going to be great, all we need to do is walk out back and work on it and the boys will play in the yard. Yeah ok, no. I don't know what planet we were on but it was not the airstream easy renovation express. My mom offered to watch the boys for the day and Eric and I had a solid 5-6 hours to work on the road toad, and boy did we get a lot done. It is amazing what a little time can do. The kitchen area is fully prepped for the cabinets to be put in, the walls are primed, and we started reno on the bathroom. Now, if only we could have a few more days like this we would be in good shape. I'm hoping to do more dedicated posts on the progress once we move further along.

I hope everyone has a great fall weekend enjoying all of the festive fun! Here's where you can find me linking for all the awesome links up out there. 

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