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Happy Friday, friends! I'm not even sure where to begin, but I will try to keep it brief because honestly long posts exhaust me, haha. This week was nothing but all over the place for us. 

Eric and I were traveling and unfortunately towards the end of our trip I came down with something and I'm still not feeling like myself. I can't thank Eric enough for giving me his business class seat for our flight home so I could lay down and try to rest. I feel bad for everyone who probably heard me snoring because the congestion struggle is beyond real. Then the real kicker is my ears still haven't popped from the flight and I feel like I am stuck in a tunnel. Fun times. 

With this week being so up and down, I'll be sharing things from this week and last since I took a break from my regular favorites post while we were traveling. It was actually a beautiful thing not blogging, but I did miss you all.

1. Prague: there is something so special about old world European charm and this town had it all. The cobblestone streets, the castles, the bridges, the architecture, it was so pretty. It's not a huge town so in all honesty if you were visiting you can easily see what you want in a few days. We also did a day trip to the Bohemian Switzerland National Park that actually has nothing to do with Switzerland, other than the name. Part of it was in Czech and the other part was in Germany so it was great that we also got to check out another country. I'm hoping to get a few posts together from our trip to share more. Unfortunately since I got sick I wasn't able to visit the actual town that my Grandpop was from, Trebisov, but it was still amazing being in the same country.

2. Fall is in the air: well at least it's in my fireplace room. When we got back home it was so hot here, like summer time hot. Now usually I would not complain and love every minute of this, but not feeling well when it's so nice out was just a kick in the pants. Anyway, my mantel is decorated and my room is set so I feel accomplished.

3. Apple picking: a tradition that we've been doing every year is going apple picking for A's birthday. We've been going to the same farm since he was a baby and it's always so much fun to go back and visiting. I'm hoping to get a dedicated post together for this adventure too.

4. Chicken, chicken, goat: speaking of farms, I pulled myself together to attend a farming event that we were invited to around the area where we are looking to settle down in. It was so informative for us amateurs and I about fell off my seat when we found out about the grants that are available through the state and specific towns. I'll expand on all of this in due time ;) 

5. Costumes: I love a good throwback Thursday and in case you missed our girl chat link up yesterday, we shared more about our favorite costumes. If you aren't familiar with our link up, it's a monthly link up on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Next month we'll be sharing our favorite fall activities so we'd love for you to join us.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking.

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