How To Support Bloggers and Influencers-Even if You're Just a Reader

This whole post idea started from a conversation that I was having with a colleague when the topic of what we really enjoy doing came up. To be honest, I don't broadcast all over the place that I have a blog or send out requests to all of my friends to follow along (there's nothing wrong with anyone who does that), but for some reason I've always kept it kind of private. After I disclosed that what I really enjoy doing is taking pictures and blogging, I got this blank stare of a look. They responded by saying, oh, so you just take a bunch of pictures, get free things, and post them for everyone to see. Well, I guess yes, but also a big old no. That's when I realized that a lot of people who aren't familiar with the blogging/influencer world really might not have a clue about what actually goes into it. And that's ok, because you see, I was naive when I first made the decision to start blogging and had a similar mindset.

You learn very quickly that this whole blogging/influencer world can make you feel like a tiny fish in a huge ocean, but once you find your groove and have those supportive people around you, it keeps you coming back for more. The next question that usually follows is, well how many followers do you have? I know that part of blogging is wanting to grow your audience which in turn can lead to bigger opportunities, and none of that is possible without support from readers. 

So why do I bring this up? Well, if you're one of those people that thinks blogging is nothing but taking a few pictures and putting a few paragraphs together or someone on instagram just throwing a picture up there, then I want to let you know there is so much more that goes into it. I don't expect people that aren't bloggers to understand everything that goes on behind the scenes, but I can share a little bit more about it. Many of us are up editing pictures, coming up with marketing material, coordinating with companies for campaign approvals, taking the time to comment back and engage with our followers, taking the time to document and relive special moments with our family, learning about new things in the industry, making sure our SEO is set, and that isn't even the half of it. Most of this is juggled during down time at work or late at night after our kids are fast asleep. I understand this is a task that we decide to take on and no one is making us do this, but downplaying (whether intentional or not) what a lot of us love to do is no way to show support. 

So how can you show support to someone who's a blogger/influencer? Easy, support them. Here are several different ways you can do that. 

Commenting on a blog post/instagram photo. In today's world just hitting like or stopping by someone's blog is much appreciated, but there's a whole other step that makes a huge difference on potential success. A lot of companies, or even measuring your growth potential, is decided on your engagement and not just on likes or views. I know so many people think they need to have a blog to leave a comment on someone's post, but that is not true at all. A lot of us have easy commenting platforms that all you need to do is put your email address in and leave a comment. We love to hear that you took the time to read what we have to say and also to be able to write back and engage with you. 

Supporting sponsored content. I know most people roll their eyes when they see sponsored content (why, I'm not sure I'll ever really know) but instead of doing that, how about we show support to one another. Take a quick moment to comment about the product and your thoughts on it. If there is a coupon code being offered and you're thinking about making a purchase, use it! It's only a win, win for you and the influencer.

Enter giveaways. There's nothing more nerve wracking than having a giveaway that flops. If you comment that you would love the product, then enter! Who doesn't love the chance to win free stuff? And news flash, someone's gotta win. 

Sharing content. If you have a favorite blogger or come across something that you really love, show support and share that link or pin it to Pinterest. I was so appreciative when I found out that several friends took the time to share my post about how momming caught up with me to their facebook groups or blogs, and now it's one of my most read pieces.

Purchasing products through their affiliate links. When I have a blogger friend that links something I love and I know I want to purchase it, I make a point to go back and shop through their affiliate link. It costs me nothing on my end other than remembering to go back and click on it, and by doing so, I feel better knowing I might have just helped them earn a few extra dollars. 

Follow social media accounts. Aside from someone investing time and effort into their blog, a lot of us also put time into our social media accounts. I for one focus on a certain one more than others (cough, cough, I'm looking at you instagram). But if you don't have the time to always visit their blog (because sometimes life can just be so busy), then leaving a comment on their social media is just as appreciated. And in case we aren't already friends, you can find my instagram @beautifully_candid, my Facebook, Pinterest and my Twitter.

To everyone who takes time out of your day to visit this little space of mine, I cannot thank you enough! This whole experience has been more than I could have ever thought of and it doesn't come without your support. In a world where it is so easy to focus on the negative or only being concerned about ourselves, I would encourage all of us to be an example of kindness and support to one another.

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