I Pick, You Pick, We All Pick Apples

There's something about the fall season and all of the traditions we do that make this time of year so special. You've probably heard me mention a ton of times that we go apple picking every year around A's birthday, and this year was no different. I love seeing the boys get excited about being outside and running through the orchards searching for apples. This year sticks were involved (because when are they not) and they thought it would be fun to knock down the apples they couldn't reach. Kind of smart on their part, but these boys are forever having a stick or a rock in their hands. 

The past few years we've gone it's usually been a cool overcast day but this year it's was a beautiful sunshiny day. I love being out in the sun but trying to get some pictures with harsh shadows is always a struggle of mine (amateur problems). That's just the blogger talking in me, but regardless of perfect pictures or not, we had a great time and that's the important part. And, if you haven't noticed we are a plaid/flannel loving family, so be prepared to see a bunch more this season. 

I've been taking a picture of Eric walking through the orchard with the boys ever since little nugget was a tiny tot. It's become one of my all time favorite things to do and it has been so special looking back at them over the past few years. I mean literally, it's my whole world right in front of my eyes. 

This year we stayed so long that the farmer was riding around letting everyone know that they would be closing soon. We started talking to him and told him we've be coming there since A was little and that we were celebrating his birthday. He was so nice and brought us back to see some of the behind the scenes and show the boys some of his biggest pumpkins. We're already looking forward to visiting next year and continuing all of our fall family fun.

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