The Turtles Are Ready For Treating

Happy costume day, friends!! One of the important things for us as a family when we made the decision to allow the boys to dress up and participate in trick or treating, was to keep it light and fun. I remember even as a kid my parents would never let us dress up as anything they didn't approve of and it was never in a million years anything gory or horror related, nor do I ever think the thought of dressing up as something like that would cross my mind. I know there's this whole dark meaning behind Halloween that has a negative feel around it, but we try our best to explain things to the boys in a way that's comfortable for us and continue with only allowing friendly costumes. 

This year we let the nuggets decide what they wanted to be and A was pretty adamant about being the ninja turtles, which is funny because he doesn't even really watch the show. Little nugget just usually agrees with whatever he says so that was an easy decision. I wasn't into the ninja turtles much when they first came out but Eric and his brothers were so he was all about it.

We weren't that creative this year and all of our costumes were store bought, which honestly just makes it so much easier. I do already have something in mind though for next year that will require some more creativity that I'm hoping my little guys end up being on board with.

You guys, my costume was a bit of a fail. We had a coupon that we got back in September that we went right to party city and picked everything up with. It wasn't until this weekend when we went to a trunk or treat that I actually went to put my costume on. Oh my goodness were those leggings pretty much see through! If it wasn't for being in my backyard and having boy shorts over them there was no way I was wearing those things out of the house. Then, to make matters worse, I don't know how in the world I ended up with a kids sized tutu but that's what was in my bag. I probably just grabbed something before I had to chase after one of the boys who were making a beeline to wreak havoc in the candy aisle. I barely squeezed into this thing with my hips and I certainly heard some threads tearing. Let's just say when we went to the trunk or treat I put my trusty non see through black leggings on and all was right in the world again. I think at this point the tutu was stretched out a bit so after this mornings breakfast I'm hoping I can get one more wear out of it for tonight. 

A lot of our pictures are dysfunctional here but you know what, that's real life with kids, oh yeah, and a dog. How about Coaty as the rat?! He's such a good sport. He wasn't really into wearing that poor nose and he did try to run away from us a few times. Who can really blame him with our crazy crew. I hope everyone has a safe and happy trick or treating. Cowabunga, dude!

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