Favorite Fall Activities-Girl Chat Link Up

I think a lot of us can agree that fall is one of the best times to enjoy all of the fun activities that come along with it. We try to enjoy everyone season as much as we can but there is something about this time of year that just makes everything feel right. 

Last year I shared 15 Family Friendly Activities that we like to do, and looking back, they are still our favorites and then some. Although, I did realize after re-reading this that we haven't made our bird feeders yet or our candy apples. We should probably get on that soon.

Our top favorites that we've turned into a tradition now are hands down, going apple picking, visiting the pumpkin patch, and going through a corn maze. We have a lot of fun places within an hour distance from us to checkout that we could seriously do something different every weekend of fall.

Since these have become a tradition for us, one of the things we make sure we do while we are enjoying these activities, is taking the time to just be in the moment.  Phones away, cameras off, and just be. You really get a different perspective of the joy and excitement of your children enjoying things when you are right there with them having the same fun. Sure some people might think we are goofy and act like big kids ourselves, but so what. These are our moments and what we make of them.

I shared in my Friday favorites last week that we started a thankful pumpkin tradition with the boys. This is quickly becoming a top favorite of mine because it's so nice to take a few moments each night to hear what we are all thankful for, and I especially enjoy hearing what the boys come up with. Of course they've said some silly things like hotdogs, dinosaurs, their paw patrol characters, and a cow (a cow?), but the sweetest melt my heart moment had to be when they said they were both thankful for each other.

Now it's time for some link up fun! 

To link up – just grab our graphic, link up, and let's get to chatting! Make sure to stop by a few others in the link up for an extra bit of girl chat!

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