For The Love of Stripes

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You all know me and my love for stripes, so it's probably no surprise I'm sharing yet another find. I realized I have a few things from Prague that I forgot to share (what kind of blogger am I) and one of them was this look that I wore out to eat one night. 

It felt like ages since I shopped at Forever21, I don't know if it's my old age setting in ;) but I just don't seem to have the patience anymore for rifling through racks, and that place is one that overwhelms me. I got sucked into a promotional email from them and ended up clicking on it which brought me to stumble upon this top (no longer available). 

Of course the stripes drew me in and the trend with the dramatic sleeves made it even more appealing to me. I really liked the big pearl button detail on the cuff of the sleeve, and after finding out that this was a web exclusive, I was enticed a little more. The free shipping is what did it for me and I decided to go for it, because if a website offers free shipping, 9 times out of 10 I will find something to purchase from them just to take advantage of it. 

You probably know another love of mine which is mirrored sunglasses (we all have our weakness, right?). So when I came across this pair I knew I was packing them for our trip. They felt like the perfect compromise to my over the top colors of bright blue, purple, and pink, and the grayish/silver tone to them felt suitable for the fall and winter. 

I also love my denim distressed so when I came across these black jeans (currently on sale and 40% off with code STYLE) with those fun rips, it felt like the perfect thing to wear with this top. I've also worn this top to the office with black dress pants, and no, those do not have rips in them.


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