Our Elf on the Shelf Welcome Breakfast

north pole breakfast
He's back! If you caught my insta stories then you probably know how much fun we had with our elf on the shelf welcome breakfast over the weekend. Thanksgiving weekend is one of my favorites because it kicks off the start of our holiday season. It's also the weekend that our favorite little elf arrives and greets the boys with a fun breakfast celebration. 

Last week I shared how I prepare for his arrival and now I'm sharing all of the elf overloaded fun we had. This little celebration has turned into one of my favorite breakfasts of the year and I might have too much fun putting it together (I mean, Alvin puts it together). This year I decided to go bright and embrace all of the traditional Christmas colors and went with the theme, making spirits bright. I really love how this turned out and it might be my favorite one yet. The best part will always be seeing the smiles on the boys faces and how happy they get when they see he arrived.

Another tradition that Alvin has started is bringing those yummy marshmallows with him. A was anxiously awaiting them and even asked if we thought he would bring them with him again this year. It blows my mind what this kid can remember. He also leaves a marshmallow every night that he moves as a little treat when the boys wake up (I know sugar and all, but don't judge). Of course the first thing the boys did when they got to the table was eat all of them up (priorities). We also had some fun donuts and reindeer shaped pancakes with bacon or strawberry antlers. I knew there was a way I could work some fruit into this balanced breakfast.

Alvin also brings a few small gifts with him for the boys. This year we got a gingerbread house kit and the boys got a reindeer window catcher to paint and some sticky snowmen foam. It looks like Alvin also knows a thing or two about Target. My mom found these cute little elf masks that the boys colored and use their elf searching powers every morning to find out what Alvin got into or where he moved to. 

There were a few things brought up over breakfast by our inquisitive little guys that I wasn't prepared to discussed over my reindeer pancakes. I tried to come up with answers on the fly that didn't give this little secret away, but they had a lot of questions that went a little something like this...

A: How did Alvin get into the house? 
Me: He came down the chimney just like Santa

Little nugget: How'd he carry all them marshmallows?
A: He drops off a bag to mama and dada silly (smart kid)

A: Well how come he can't talk to us? 
Me: Because he's very good at listening 
A: Oh I know, he looks like a doll and dolls can't talk (I tried to change the subject after that one)

Little nugget: Can I have Alvin's Marshmallows?
Me: No you can't because I can't touch him either. A chimes in, well he leaves the bag in the cabinet so we can get a chair and get more later. 
Me: No, no, no, only he can leave the marshmallows out for good listeners.

A: Well how does he know when we are sleeping to go back to the north pole? 
Eric: He goes after you go to bed. 
A: Yeah but you and mama stay up later so he can't go yet when we go to bed. 
Me: I bet he goes when the house is all dark. Ok, who wants more pancakes?!

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