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Can you believe it's been a year since we started this little link up? Time is surely flying on by and not slowing down for anyone. We have some fun new topics that we will be sharing soon for the next year and hope you will continue to join us. 

This month we are talking about the greatest gift we've ever received. This was too hard for me to narrow down to just one, so I will be sharing my thoughts on a few different ones.

What I consider to be the greatest gift that could have ever been given, is the sacrifice my Lord and Savior gave on the cross.  To me, there is no comparison, nothing greater, and His everlasting love is unfathomable.

This next one might sound a bit cheesy but I have a feeling there will be a lot of moms that agree with me. Becoming a mom was one of the greatest gifts, ever. Having a child brings you a whole different perspective and joy that you never even knew existed. Each moment with them is a new experience and seeing the joy of this season through their eyes is truly magical.

Another gift was being blessed as a mom for the second time, and also to be able to give A the gift of having a baby brother. The boys club has been strong over here in my household and I always had a feeling it would be that way from the start. I have three brothers and Eric is one of three boys. Even from the beginning of my pregnancies I always felt like I was having boys, and sure enough here they are. It has been amazing to see them together and to watch their little relationship grow and develop. We definitely have our moments where I want to pull my hair out and wonder how I'm going to keep my sanity. Then, one of them will do something extremely sweet or help the other one out and everything in the world feels right in that moment. 

My heart goes out to those who have had difficulty conceiving or experienced loss. My prayers are with you and please know you are not alone. There is nothing like a mother's love or the longing of a woman's heart to experience that joy. It has been heavy on my heart to share one of my blogging friend Jen's adoption profile with you. Jen has one of the kindest hearts and is such a wonderful mom to her little boy. Her and her husband would love to expand their family and to have a sibling for their son. If you know of anyone who may be faced with a difficult situation and is considering to give a child up for adoption, I would encourage you to share their information. Their home is full of love and they would provide the best possible upbringing for a child.

I'm going to completely switching gears here for a minute. Looking back, if I had to pick a physical gift that was the greatest for me, it would be my Gucci wallet. Eric got it for me probably six Christmases ago and I still use it everyday. It's the only piece of Gucci I own and I still get compliments on it when I take it out to pay. Maybe one day I'll upgrade to a purse or something, but for now, I'm fine with just this.

Now it's your turn to join in on the fun, what's the greatest gift you've ever gotten? 

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