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It's that time of year when even your mailbox starts getting some holiday cheer and receiving fun mail. I don't know about you, but I would much rather see cards from my friends and family than another boring piece of a mail that usually just get tossed aside. One of my favorite things to do around the holidays is to send out our annual Christmas card, and as much as I love sending them, I also love receiving them.

We have always enjoyed coordinating family pictures to put on our cards and thinking of a general theme we want to go with. It always ends in some sort of adventure and usually not how it played out in my head, but we always enjoy the memories and end up with something to work with. Before the boys came along, our cards used to just be us and our dog, or just him by himself. Now a days, it's a family afar and we're all involved.

Shutterfly makes designing your special card so easy and the only hard part you might face is deciding what design to go with. They have so many great options to choose from that I even contemplated doing several different designs, but I think I might save that idea for next year.

I love the design we went with and the shiny metallic feel really gives it a little something extra. Every year I have always done something different with the way I address my cards, but this year, they made it so easy for me to pick a design, uploaded my card list, and have the envelops arrive already addressed. I am kicking myself that I haven't taken advantage of this sooner. It was seriously a beautiful thing and such a time saver. The back of the envelopes even have our return address already on them. We also went with a fun silver snowflake envelope liner to make opening the card even more interesting.

The boys have enjoyed helping me stuff the envelops and put the stamps on them, but we did have to explain to little nugget that they weren't stickers and he couldn't just put them anywhere. Of course that resulted in some tears but once he got the honors of gluing the envelops shut, he was proud of his new task. They love opening up the cards we've gotten so far and seeing their friends pictures on them. Now there new favorite thing to do when we get home at the end of the day is ask if any letters came in the mail. 

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