Being Happy In The Now

Have you ever had a moment where you really stop and listen to the words that are coming out of your mouth and think, what am I saying? I'll be the first to admit, I don't always think before I speak.

Over the weekend, in between dealing with my boys who still weren't feeling well, I had a lot of moments where I was complaining—a lot. Maybe it was the lack of sleep or just being exhausted from dealing with all of the messes, but whatever it was, when I finally heard what I was saying I had to stop myself.

It might not have been anything major and more of frustration with our lack of closet space, constantly referring to things like, in our next house I want this, and when the summer's here I want to change that. I want. I need. When it comes.

I might as well have been acting like my toddlers who I know make my head spin. Then sometimes I wonder where they get things from. It's not always easy to look in the mirror and realize things about yourself. Who knows, maybe I need to have some more sleep deprived reality checks to open my eyes more.

After I realized how I sounded and only wishing and hoping for things in the future, I needed to have a moment where I reflected on the now and being happy with the present. Don't get me wrong, I don't think there is anything wrong with having goals or plans for the future. We still have a lot of them we are working towards, but I think it's about your approach and not overlooking things in the now that you could be missing out on.

Here's how I plan on being more intentional with my thought process...

Accepting where you're at in the moment: this hasn't been the easiest one for me and I'm sure it will be something I will continue to work on. I think what I need to focus on here is the idea of having a choice in how I accept myself or situations I'm in. This might seem all jumbled together so let me expand.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend an influencer event for something I will be working on. Everyone was very welcoming, nice to me, and made me feel really comfortable. Once I got home, I decided to lookup the other two influencers who are a part of this, and well, my mouth dropped. I immediately started having doubts. They have hundreds of thousands of followers, and then there's little old me. I started second guessing why would they ever want to work with me, and how would I ever be able to produce something at the level that they can. It wasn't necessarily a comparison issue, but more of a thought process of wanting the company to feel that I'm a good investment. Thankfully I turned to my husband, sister, and best friend who all quickly snapped me out of it. They made me realize I was picked for a reason, and when my sister told me to own it and be happy, she was right.  

I think as bloggers/influencers we like to have some sort of goals for growth or where we'd like to see ourselves going, which I think is great to have. However, it's also so important to be happy with where we are in the now, and what we've accomplished so far, or who've connected with. I'm not limiting this to just blogging, it can also apply to your career and every day life.

Do the things you love today: I will say, this is something I've learned over time and once I was able to just go for it, it's made me so much happier. It's no secret around here that I love taking pictures. When I got my first dslr camera on a black Friday special, I thought I was going to have the best pics out there. I became very frustrated that they didn't look like what I thought in my head. I still have moments like that, but I've done something about it. Through a lot of trial and error I now know my camera settings better. I used to say all the time, maybe one day I'll get better at taking pictures, or maybe one day I'll do a fashion post when I get enough courage. If you want to do it, go for it.

Being appreciative for what I have now: I think this one was the biggest realization for me over the weekend, which is so silly to say because in reality, it should be the easiest and most common practice. I'm not sure I know of anyone who wakes up every morning and says, you know what, I want to complain all day. We are human, and things happen, so we also need to be able to give ourselves grace. What I'm going to try and do is, if I complain about something more than twice, I'm either going to find a solution for it or accept it. If it's something I know I can't control in the near future then it will get added to things to work towards and forget complaining about it.

Side note, I had no time this weekend to take any type of pictures or even think about blogging. I usually plan things out in advance but with no one feeling well lately, life will always come first. These pictures were taken when my sister and I went to NYFW and I have no idea why I never posted about them. When I was thinking about an image for this post, I could have just shared something generic, but I came across these and thought why not here. Yes, I am that crazy blogger that will take pics around anyone or anything. I kind of love the one of the people at the table that turned around and smiled, and bonus points if you can spot the bee flying right for me in the last one.  After I saw that, it just felt fitting for "being" happy in the now (so corny, I know). Thank you for listening to my random thoughts and here's to focusing on the now and being happy with the present.

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