Dear Me, Here's What I Hope For You This Year

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Since we're already half way through the first month of the year, I can't help but dive a little deeper into some more thoughts and goals. I'm sure everyone is probably all resolutioned out (I think I just made up a word, but it feels like it works there) and over these posts. 

I shared our word for the year and excitement for new adventures, and also my thoughts on blogging, but something I always tend to unintentionally do, is put myself on the back burner. I think as a woman, and as a mom, it's just a natural instinct that kicks in as a want to do for others first. And ironically enough, that's also something I want to do more of this year.

So here we are...Dear Me,

Some of my hopes for you this year...

That fear will not get the best of you. You tend to worry a lot, and if you were self diagnosed, categorizing you with some sort of anxiety would probably be accurate. Fear can also stop you from trying new things, hold you back from pushing your creativity, or worrying about hurting others feelings.

Sometimes you need to do for you. As much as you want to see everyone else happy and everyone else succeed, sometimes you need to just take that step and put feelings aside.

Don't hold back on relationships. Unfortunately they will always come and go. You were always taught to be kind and show love even when others don't. Some people have a hard time with seeing others happy—that's their fault, not yours. Let it go. Pray for them, and continue to invest your time in those that value your friendship, because you know those that are truly by your side have and always will be there for you. On the flip side, making new friends at this age is also scary. To the new mom who wants to grab coffee with you, take her up on it, even if you don't like coffee. Not everyone is out to judge you.

Don't try to be superwoman. Thinking you can conquer the world in a 24 hour period is just plain silly. There is a reason those characters are fictional. It's ok to have a plan, and a goal, but when things come up that are unpredictable sometimes you can't do it all.

Be proud but stay humble. Success is measured by all different standards. As you grow in your career, hopes and dreams, continue to stay true to yourself.

It's ok to get excited. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the small things. If you want to throw a breakfast party for no other reason than it being a Saturday, do it.

Let go of what others think. Don't hold back on sharing things if it's something that makes you happy. The sad part about putting yourself out there is others who can't relate tend to think you are doing things for show, even if you've always been that way but you just share more of it now. Keep doing what makes you happy.

Stand Tall (even if you're only 5'3"). Life won't always go as planned and your path may take some twists and turns. Remain faithful and continue to know all things work together for good.

Laugh a little more, smile brighter (even if it gives you crows feet), and crying at the end of watching Ferdinand is totally ok.

Enjoy all of the adventures this year brings. You get 365 days out of a year but a new start every day to make it better than the last.

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