Friday Favorites-Throwback Valentine's

Happy Friday, friends! It might not be Thursday but I think any day of the week is a good day for some throwbacks. I cannot believe this is going to be our 5th Valentine's Day as parents. Even more crazy, I cannot believe I am going to have a five your old this year. Give me a minute while I grab my tissues as I take a trip down memory lane.

This week I'm doing something different and sharing our five Valentine's Days so far, and a bonus throwback with a hilarious pic of Eric and I. Let's get right into it...

1. Talk about a throwback: can we all just look at this pic a little closer. First off, Eric doesn't even look the same to me. I forgot that he had such short hair at one point. Even funnier, when we were digging through things I found a picture of him with short hair that was bleached blonde back when the Eminem days were big. I might have to save that one for a rainy day. And me, well let's just leave that right there because I was so pale I might as well have matched the walls.

This was taken in my college dorm room before we went on a double date to the city with my roommate and her boyfriend. Remember that, Fal? I'm cracking up over here. You guys, I had a Nelly calendar hanging in the back. I also realized that I lied. Lord, forgive me. Remember when I said I didn't own anything pink? Well, it looks like I have a pic to prove otherwise. Although, this could be closer to the red family.

2. A's First Valentine's Day: for some reason I almost wrote Halloween there but I stopped myself. He was 4 months here and full of all the baby squishy goodness. He was always a really smiley baby and I had the best time taking pictures of him and taking all of him in. I remember he didn't last in that outfit at daycare because my boy would blow through some outfits.

3. A's 2nd Valentine's Day: I remember we decided to make his class cupcakes and he was so excited to be my little helper. This picture is one of my favorites of him and I can't help but smile when I look at it. We also took a picture of him the next morning before leaving for school and he was not too thrilled because all he wanted were those cupcakes. Who can blame him?

4. Our third Valentine's we had little nugget with us. He was born in August so he was 6 months here. I remember it was unseasonably warm for that time of year. We decided to bring the boys into the city to visit this amazing heart wall I had seen floating around social media and to enjoy a nice brunch. Theses are some of my favorite pictures and we had such a good time. I have to check and see if this wall is still there because I would totally go back for round two. It was so nice out that we even got a table to eat outside.

5. Oh my heart: if you've been around this part for awhile (always a huge thank you to my readers who many feel like friends), then you might remember that last year we bought another investment property and did some renovations to it. One of my favorite features we did was put in this wood wall and some built-ins. Before we rented it out, I snuck the boys in there and took some pics of them. Gosh I just want to squeeze them! I remember all they wanted to do was jump around in the empty room and it was so hard for me to get a clear pic of them, but I still think these are cute. I won't reveal our pic for this year yet. It's not anything that's monumental but I'll give you a little hint, it's in front of the wood wall we now have in our house. Haha, clearly we have a thing for wood walls.

We will be celebrating Valentine's Day this weekend with a little getaway with the boys and I am headed to NYFW today and Monday for a few shows. If you're interested in seeing some of the fun I'd love for you to follow along on my instagram (@beautifully_candid). I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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