Friday Favorites-The Week of Love

Happy Friday, friends! I hope everyone had a great week and celebrated some love too. Although, I do think it's something we should be showing and celebrate every day. Between going back and forth to the city and our little getaway, I feel like this week went by in a blink. 

Let's get right into some favorites, shall we...

1. Valentine's Day: I'll admit I used to think this holiday was kind of silly. Since becoming a mom my perception of holidays has changed a bit . The ones I didn't really care about have become a lot more fun now.

On Valentine's morning I had a special breakfast planned for the boys with all the goodies from Target's dollar section. I seriously have a hard time walking past that area without picking something up. The boys had parties in their classes and came home with so many Valentines. For dinner, we enjoyed a heart shaped pizza that gave me all the heart eyes. It was kind of perfect. After going out last year and dealing with crowded places, I have to say, I loved ordering in. 

2. Ice Castle: if you missed my post earlier this week, we actually celebrated Valentine's Day early with a getaway to the Ice Castles in New Hampshire. It was just as magical as it looks and then some. If this was closer to us I could see us making this a yearly thing.

3. NYFW: I had the opportunity to attend NYFW again with my work and got to see a few more shows. It really is a great time but can also be exhausting. I'm planning on putting a post together and sharing more from my perspective. I think depending on who you are, this week takes on a whole new meaning, especially for someone who is deemed a fashion blogger. I don't consider that a category I put myself in and feel that I've really embraced more of the lifestyle title.

I don't take things too personally and thought it was kind of funny, but I had a few bloggers message me after seeing my insta stories and asked how I managed to pull off going. My immediate interpretation drifted to more along the lines of, wow I have triple the amount of followers as you and I didn't get asked to go. They were very nice about it and that was not their words at all, but it was just interesting to see how some people who don't seem to pay attention to me on social media all of the sudden did. I also think a lot of it, just like most things in life, is about who you know and the connections you have. I actually don't know how it works from a blogging perspective and who decides how someone gets invited.

4. I'll take all the sunsets: this one might sound funny to some of you, but a favorite of mine this week was coming out of work and being able to catch the sunsets on my drive home. I wish this pic was from this week, but it's not. This pic is was one that I took over the summer and now has me anxious and excited about those longer days. There might only be 22 more days until daylight savings, but who's counting?

5. Organizing: yesterday we had our monthly Girl Chat link up where we shared more about how we stay organized. This is always an area I am looking to improve on and I loved reading all about your tips and ideas. If you're a blogger we'd love for you to join us the third Thursday of every month. Next month we'll be talking all about our Easter baskets. Can you believe how early it is this year?

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Here's where you can find me linking for all of the link up fun.

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