When A Real Rabbit Is Just More Fun

It's that time of year again. My favorite time to take pictures of the boys. If you've been following this little space of mine for awhile now, then you know doing a photo shoot with a live Easter bunny has been my absolute favorite thing ever since little nugget's first Easter

We didn't get to have chickens and ducks in it this time around, but the main character is the bunny, after all. Our friend who had been bringing her animals over to us the past two years moved away so our feathered and furry friends didn't get to see the boys this year. 

We did however find a friend of a neighbor who had an adorable mini Rex Rabbit named Jack. We think he had a good time being the Easter bunny for the boys.

Since Easter is so early this year and we still have snow on the ground, I had to move everything inside. If there's one thing I know I'm not the greatest at, it's taking indoor pictures. It was an overcast day with peeks of the sun coming in and out, which also made it hard for me. I am very much a natural light kind of girl. It's my comfort zone and where I know my capabilities are. I do hope to expand that over time and become more confident working with indoor lighting.

On Saturday we were spoiled with a beautiful day. It was only 48 degrees out but the sun was shining and it felt more like 88 degrees. People were out riding motorcycles, driving with their convertables down, and me, well I took advantage of sitting outside and watching the boys play in the yard. I ended up drifting off to sleep in my lounge chair and Eric said he wished he would have snapped a pic of me because it looked like I was sunbathing (not really, don't worry I wasn't in my swimsuit) but with snow still on the ground. Anyway, when I woke up, he showed me this wood wall, contraption, whatever you want to call it, thing that he built. His intention was to use it as a door for one of our sheds outback. I told him not to use it yet because it was the perfect backdrop to take pictures of the boys! I was originally going to use wood pallets like I had years before, but I love how this turned out instead. Gosh I love being married to a handy guy.

I really love how the whole thing came together. I know I've mentioned this before but if I could do this on the regular I totally would. I have so much fun coming up with the decor and putting these little ideas together. 

When Jack arrived the boys were so excited they started jumping up and downing and clapping their hands together. He was such a soft rabbit but an active one too. He certainly wanted to explore our little setup, and who could blame him. 

He had his eye on those bails of hay, and before we knew it, he jumped up there. The boys thought it was the cutest thing and tried to feed him. 

Little nugget was making the silliest faces for us and he definitely knew what he was doing. The more we would laugh and tell him to smile nice, the more he kept doing it. He's such a little ham sometimes and it's so cute to see. Looking at these pictures I just can't believe how big A is getting. He was little nugget's age when we first started this tradition and now he's looking like such a big boy.

Wouldn't know, both of them have now been asking us for a rabbit but they only want one if daddy cleans up the poop. I can't argue with them on that one, but for now, I think we're ok with having rabbit friends come visit.

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